Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore--Valentine Edition


Guess what day it is?!? Its Wednesday!
Which means I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy for another round of What I Wore Wednesday! 

This week's outfit is what I wore yesterday--Valentine's Day.
 Little E wanted her picture taken too...Grammy will be disappointed that she isn't wearing a headband, but it was early in the morning. :)
This picture gives a closer look at my accessories--
headband/flower--my mom made it! 
necklace--gift several years ago from my college roommate
brooch--my mother in law gave it to belonged to her mother. Isn't it beautiful?!? I adore it!

Jean Jacket- GAP (birthday get when we got home from Uganda)
Shoes--Sperry's (anniversary gift)

Nothing too fancy, but for a day of walking around campus in the rain, it worked. 

Here are some other high lights from our Valentine's Day

Papa got both me and Little E flowers. I'm pretty sure giving his daughter(s) flowers will be a tradition now. E tried to eat them...silly girl :) This Mama got pink tulips **love**

Grammy stopped by on her way to work to drop off our Valentine goodies.
I got a hot glue gun (that I needed!) and a cute shirt.
Hubs got dairy free oatmeal cookies, and some money to spend this weekend while we are away (did I mention that...we are taking a kind spontaneous trip this!)
Little E got an owl cup, capri tights, and a skirt. I had to get a pic of the skirt and cute! The little pink ruffle just gets me. She looked adorable in it. 

Hubs and I went out to dinner and movie...yes a movie. I typically don't like going to the theater, paying $8+ each just to watch someone else's big screen TV (maybe I'm a bit harsh, but that's how I see it). This was an exception though and so much fun! We ate at Qdoba (just opened here!) and got one entree for free just for smooching! Too bad that doesn't happen every day, we'd get lots of free food ;) Then we headed to the theater to see...

The Vow
It was sold out! YES! Completely! 
We had feared that, so we had a plan b. 
We raced back to the car and headed to the theater downtown to try to catch that showing. It started at 7:25...we got there at 7:32. I was able to buy tickets while Hubs parked the car. The people in line behind us got tickets too, but the ones behind them were out of luck because it SOLD OUT too! Whew...we got there in the nick of time! 
And it was totally worth it! The movie was amazing. 
Made me want to fall in love all over again, mainly because it was in Chicago--the city where we fell in love and had a lot of significant things happen in our relationship--
its where he gave me my promise ring, its where we had our first kiss, its where he introduced me to Cafe Mochas from Starbucks (he had me hooked after that...both to Mochas and to him :) )
Anyway, wonderfully romantic movie! 

Then we came home and crashed! That was our date...lovely! 

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the ones you love! 



  1. Very cute! Love the necklace. And it sounds like you had a perfect date! We went to Chipotle and did some dishwasher shopping. Ahhh so romantic! :)

  2. Love the brooch! Tell Baby E that "eating greens is a special treat." Flowers totally count ;)


  3. i love your jean jacket!! so cute. and the vow... ohhh it was so good. i was not disappointed. glad you had a good valentine's day :)


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