Friday, July 9, 2010

a day off...together!

Mike's work schedule hasn't been exactly what we expected it to be lately...he's been working 4 evenings a week! YUCK! But the blessing in this is that he has all day on Wednesday off-and so do I! NO work for him and NO class for me! This Wednesday we decided to take a trip...just the 2 of us!

We left our little apartment around 7:45 am and made our way to Fayetteville, WV (about an hour from home). There we drove to a predeteremined hiking spot and took a 2 hour (roughly 6 mile) hike! It was amazing to just enjoy God's creation and have some time to ourselves just to talk.

After our hike we ate lunch at a picnic area and then made our way to "downtown" Fayetteville to the Cathedral Cafe where Mike enjoyed an AlmondyJoy Latte.

From there we headed home.
It was a short little trip, but an extremely fun day!
There aren't enough of these in our lives...I think we are going to start making more of them!

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