Friday, February 20, 2015

Adding Beauty-- {week 5}

We've basically been in the house all week. 
It snowed here and left the roads a disaster and Hubs with a car that just isn't meant for snow. Since he has been taking my car everyday, the kiddies and I have just hung out at the house. Its been fun and hard all at the same time, but its given us plenty of opportunity to look for or create beauty around us. 

Woke up this morning to our electricity being off. 
As soon as I lit all the candles it came back on (typical),
but the candles were pretty while the lights wouldn't work. 

We had left over chicken--lots of it--from an event last weekend that we hosted. 
After eating it for several days, I was tired of just chicken, so I made it into soup! 


Little People--girls in the pool and boys in the hot tub.
See baby Jesus? He even made it to the hot tub.
This little girl cracks me up! 

Valentine bangles from my friend Brittany's Shop!

Icicles this morning outside the kitchen window. 

It was -5* this morning. 
We are hibernating until Spring...or until it at least hits 30*! :)


Friday, February 13, 2015

Adding Beauty-- {week 4}

Yes...we skipped week 3 :) 

I'm finding that as I go throughout my days, I'm not always just "adding beauty" but finding it. Recognizing things in my days that are beautiful that I have overlooked or become to familiar with. So this week you'll find some beauty that has been added and some that has been found.

I have love for pens. Nice pens. Pens with colored ink--especially purple.
I used a Christmas gift card to purchase new pens and highlighters.
Then I made this little pouch to keep them in. 

I was baking a little (rare these makes baking hard)
and looked out the window to find a huge snow squall! 
It was beauty added by our Creator.

quiet time for momma during naps...
and that book--I can't express my love for it enough.
the first two chapters are so good, so convicting, so encouraging
just read it.

about 3 minutes after the above picture was taken...
the quiet didn't last long, but it was worth the snuggles.

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