Friday, April 26, 2013

Insta Friday!

Its that time of the week again--time to link up your phone photos with Jeanette over at LifeRearranged!

This really is one of my favorite link ups! I look forward to it every week! 
Last Saturday The Hub gave me some much needed "alone time" 
I went to a local coffee shop (that is moving, I might add! That's ok, but it makes it further away from our house) and indulged in an almond milk latte, banana nut muffin, some reading, journaling, and blogging. It was SO refreshing!

Remember that mustache fabric I picked up on a whim?
Here is one of the bibs I made with it. I made two for my little guy and my mom is
going to take the remainder of the fabric and make me another wet bag (since the last one she made me was a little girly one). 

Zoe (the dog) interrupted nap time not once, but twice this week! Ugh! It was a pretty cute sight to see, but it made for a couple of long days with no naps.

We decided to go down the road a few miles on Tuesday evening for a little shopping and came across a children's consignment sale. We picked up this little shirt for baby boy (considering The Hubs LOVES the Bears), a dress for Little E, some cleats for The Hub to play softball in, and a pair of maternity shorts for me! 
It was a trip well worth it! I had been looking for some size small maternity shorts and had not been able to find ANY! I was becoming really frustrated, but I found a pair on consignment for $5! The Hubs needed the cleats too and they were only $10 and look brand new! 

Little E's new summer halter top! 
It is a tiny bit too big, but I wasn't sure of her measurements when I made it. I need to take it in a little bit, but I love it! Adorable and super easy! 
(Check out my Pinterest board for the tutorial)

Ringling Brothers is in town this week. Every year they have 
the Elephant Brunch outside of the mall. Basically, they feed the elephants all sort of fruits, veggies, and breads. Clowns are there too. Little E had a blast and Papa came over from work to watch with us!

Date Night! 
We played tennis and grabbed some frozen yogurt (for me) and a smoothie (for Hubs).

First attempt at cooking and eating brussels sprouts. They turned out so delicious! 
Caramelized Lemon Brussels Sprouts

Solo cups and various size balls= endless fun! 
Like bowling, but Little E threw and kicked the balls more than she rolled them. 
Either way, she had a blast! We probably did this for an hour! FUN!


Spring Clean Challenge update--Project #25

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Clean Challenge--Catching up!

So, somehow over the weekend I got a little behind on the house cleaning challenge. 
Yesterday I had big dreams of getting caught up that completely went by the wayside. It was a trying day in the parenting realm and left me exhausted. Maybe hitting the 30-week mark in pregnancy had something to do with the tiredness too? Probably! 

Either way, I felt kind of defeated last night. 
This morning I took the dog for a walk at 6:00! 
It was beautiful to see and hear the world waking up--birds singing, sun rising, etc. It was quiet and I had time to think and pray. It was just the boost that I needed this morning! 

So, I am *basically* caught up! 

I got the upstairs bathrooms cleaned this morning (project # 21)
as well as the floors all vacuumed (project #23). 

I seriously doubt that I will get to today's project
Clean the Linen Closet

We have a busy day planned with a busy evening as well. I might be playing catch-up tomorrow too! 

Oh well! At least I feel a bit better now having gotten those other chores done this morning--and all before 9:30 too! 

Happy cleaning to you all!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Clean Update--Project #20

This is going to be a quick update today...and by quick, I mean super short!

Project #20-22 was to choose a task. 

Yesterday I chose to surface clean the kitchen and living room. I managed to get the kitchen pretty clean--wiped counters, washed/put-away dishes/etc. The living room, however, was a different story. I have been bit by the sewing bug (apparently) so I spent the majority of nap time working on baby things and a new shirt for Little E. Needless to say, the living room didn't get as much attention as I would have liked. But, hey, that's okay! I can live with a little dust for another day or two. :) 

Today I am planning to try to tackle the bathrooms...the upstairs ones (that is project #21). 

We'll see if it gets done considering the perfect spring weather we are supposed to have today! Finding reasons to stay inside and clean are getting more and more difficult! 


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Update + Reads

Yesterday was another wonderfully easy task for me! Hooray! 
Considering it was Friday, I was glad for something simple. 

So, what did I do yesterday? 
I cleaned out my car. There were a few tasks to choose from on the list and that was one of them. I typically clean out the car every week or so anyway. Yesterday I didn't bother getting out the vacuum, but I cleaned out all the trash and took in everything (toddler shoes, books, etc) that needed to go back inside the house. 
It was really nice actually, because Little E got to play outside in the driveway while I cleaned...before the storms hit! So, she got to play and I got my chore done--win,win!

Now, I am really excited to share something I have been reading with you! Its a recommendation actually!
Last June I attended to Gospel Coalition Women's conference in Orlando, FL. I heard tons of speakers and learned a lot, but the one session that totally stood out to me was the one that Jessica Thompson and Elyse Fitzpatrick did. They have written a book entitled Give Them Grace: Dazzling You Kids with the Love of Jesus.
you can click the photo to go straight to the amazon page
and buy the book!

I started the book right after the conference and am just now getting back into it. 
I feel like I can't tell you enough about it and, at the same time, I can't quite put into words what is so great about it! 

I think, coming from the Christian background that I came from, the biggest thing is the emphasis on grace and not on rules. Here are some of the quotes from the book that have really moved me. 

"Jesus Christ has already done all the work that needed to be done. When in great relief from excruciating agony of soul he declared, 'It is finished', it really was. This is the message that we and our children need to hear over and over again. 
We have reminded you of this because every human heart is always and ever drawn to law...our hearts chase after rules--not because we ever really obey them but because we think they make life manageable...We love to try to approve of ourselves and control others by generating more and more rules. 'Our desire to please God, combined with the human bent to prove our acceptance by comparison with and control of others, makes us factories of human legislation.' "

"Paul is telling parents to daily proclaim the message about Jesus to their children and to warn or rebuke them when they forget to live in the light of what Jesus had already done. He was telling them to tether every aspect of their parenting to the gospel message." 

"Notice carefully that in every case the answer to the question of meaning is never primarily our obligation but rather promises of God's grace."

That is what the book is about--not creating little pharisees that know the rules but don't know Christ, but rather, tethering EVERYTHING to the work that Christ has ALREADY accomplished on the cross. It isn't about us--it is always about Jesus. 

How freeing is that as a mother? 
Here's the kicker--YOU, the mom, need Jesus in the same way your children need Jesus! We are all sinners and He is the only savior! In order to parent our children, we must understand our frailty and helplessness...and theirs as well! In their own flesh, they are completely captured by sin and unable to obey. Only in Jesus do they have the power to overcome sin. 

Okay, I'll stop my sermon there.
Let me just encourage you to pick up a copy of the book and read it! 
It will encourage your soul and strengthen you if you are weary in training your children (which, admit it, it happens to all of us!). 

The book has been a huge encouragement to me as I dove back into it this morning. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Clean Update & Insta Friday!

Welcome to Friday! 
It has already been a wonderful morning, and despite the rain we are supposed to get today, I am excited for what this day will hold for us! 

Let's start the day off with an update on yesterday's cleaning project
 Although this is not my favorite chore, it was pretty quick and easy. 
Basically, I took out all the food, disposed of things that were moldy and just gross, wiped the shelves, and washed out the drawers. There wasn't as much gunk and nasty stuff as I expected--which was pleasantly surprising! 

Sorry this one's a little dark...the lighting in my kitchen is awful!


I feel really good about having this project behind me! Maybe I will stay on top of it this time and it won't get so out of control?? Maybe...we'll see! 
Today's plan is to clean out the car (which definitely needs it). I am looking forward to doing an "outside" chore this morning before the rain hits! Updates to come tomorrow! 

Now...let's get to the fun stuff! 
(I'll be linking up with Jeanette from LifeRearranged)
Went to Hobby Lobby yesterday with my good friend and her little one.
Picked this cute fabric up for Baby Boy! Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but 
isn't it adorable?!? Swoon!

I had found a remnant of the gray chevron last trip to Hobby Lobby...this time I found yellow! Hooray! The frames are PERFECT too and I plan to put a bicycle iron-on on one piece of fabric and Baby Boy's initial on the other!
I'm totally ready to get baby's room put together but there's only one issue--we won't be living here and I don't know where we'll be living so baby doesn't have a room yet...and neither do the rest of us :)

These lovelies were in my mom's garden

Mama robin outside our bedroom window. Little E LOVES looking at her every day! I'm thinking we'll have babies to gaze as pretty soon!!

View of the sunrise from our bedroom window on Sunday---overlooking the river.
Doesn't get much better.

Baby Boy's bedding is coming along! I have the two small bumpers made and the crib blanket. Next step is the two large bumpers. Still have the sheet and bedskirt, but we're getting there!

Lunch outside on a beautiful sunny day!

During my RunForBoston memorial run. 
This week I did two runs in memory of those who were victims of the bombing in Boston on Monday.

28 weeks and 3(ish) days.

Ready to watch her Cisa (my mom) run her first ever 5k! She did amazing! 

Playing with Aunt B and celebrating her birthday last weekend! It was a gorgeous day!

Well folks, that about sums up my week! 
I'm definitely ready for this weekend and some down time! 

Actually, this is the first Saturday that The Hubs hasn't had a meeting (or some other obligation) in over a month! He's giving me the morning to do whatever I's the issue--I can't decide what I want to do! 
Go to a coffee shop and read? 
Stay home and sew?
Go sit and chat with a friend?

Decisions, decisions! 

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Clean Challenge--Update #17

Today's project was

I was so thankful for an easy task today! 
This literally took less than 10 minutes! 

I simply took my bottle of "homemade 409" and a wash cloth around the house and sprayed and wiped every door knob and light switch plate I could find! It was quick and painless :) 

Then, me and Little E took the rest of the day and had a blast!
We picked up my sister's dog from the groomer, mailed something at the post office, stopped by the library (where I got some books on fun activities for 2-year-old that I can't wait to browse through), stopped in a local thrift store we hadn't ever been to before (no luck with treasures this time, but we'll try it again in a few weeks) and then dropped by my parents house for a little snack and Doc McStuffins while we waited for Papa to get off work! It was definitely a much needed fun afternoon! 

Now its on to dinner (breakfast for dinner here tonight) and *hopefully* some sewing this evening! 

Tomorrow's project will probably take me a little bit longer than today's, but it definitely needs to happen!
What is it you ask? 
Cleaning out the refrigerator!

Just a warning--the photos that are coming for tomorrow may be a little gruesome. Probably not for the faint of heart (or stomach). 

See ya tomorrow, friends!


Spring Clean Challenge--Day #16 Update

didn't exactly sound like fun to me. Actually, it sounded like a HUGE chore that I would never accomplish. I'm happy to announce that I was  wrong. I did get it done, and it didn't take near as long as I thought! 

I followed my own definition of "deep clean" for this project. Since I had already cleaned tubs, toilets, and sinks the other day, I decided to do something else. 

Basically, I organized the master bathroom. 

I picked up the dirty clothes and towels out of the floor (come know you have those piles that accumulate too!) and put them where they belong. 

Then, I cleared everything off of the surface space.
Clearly, things are out of place here! 

I went through the "catch-all" on the back of the toilet...

as well as through all the drawers and the medicine cabinet. 

I pulled everything out, sorted it, threw some stuff away, vacuumed out the drawers (all the dust, hair etc), and put everything back in a more organized fashion. Some items got put in the linen closet in the hallway which is where they should have gone in the first place. 

Here are a couple of AFTER photos of the drawer and the "catch-all".

It feel good to have a more organized bathroom and it only took me about 30 minutes during naptime to get it done. I also took the time to sweep the hair off the bathroom floor. I had just washed, dried, and fixed my hair yesterday morning and that always makes for a nice little mess to clean. The sink got wiped out as well, but the shower/tub and toilet were still pretty clean from last week's cleaning. They'll get a good scrubbing in the next few days, I'm sure!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Clean Challenge update #15

Yesterday's project was to (once again)
Surface Clean Kitchen and Living Room. 

Basically, it was simple and I didn't bother taking photos (I mean, how many photos do you need of my living room and kitchen?). 

I started by picking up an out-of-place items and putting there where they belong. 
Made sure the dishes were either washed or put in the dishwasher to be washed. 
Wiped down the counter tops, breakfast bar, and stove top. 
I moved into the living room, and dusted the furniture (moving the frames and things that sit on top of the book shelf and piano). 
After that I ran the vacuum on the kitchen floor and on the places in the living room that needed it. 
I spot cleaned the kitchen floor as well (some sticky spots from juice and such needed wiped up). 
Finally, I wiped out the microwave. 

Today's project is definitely going to be more time consuming and more of a challenge considering cleaning bathrooms really disgusts me. 
Deep Clean Bathroom(s)
just doesn't sound fun at all! 

Oh we go! 


Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Clean Challenge--Weekend Update

For this weekend, you could choose between three different projects. I chose
Clean Out a Closet.

Technically, I didn't clean out a closet, it is more like a large cabinet, but it really needed cleaned out and I felt like it fit the description closely enough that it would work. 

This cabinet is in our living room, and holds...well basically anything. The bottom is specifically designated for board games, but the top is kind of a "catch-all" which is why it desperately needed attention. 

I tried to organize our DVD and CD collection. Honestly, we have WAY too many CDs, but I can't get rid of them until I am certain they are saved to our computer...and make sure its ok with The Hubs. 
See that big pile of cords? I went through all of those as well. Figured out what they go with, and put them with their mate! The camera (video, point and shoot, and our nice camera) all got put with their chargers and in their case/box. 

See my candle collection? I LOVE candles--especially Yankee Candles. I've decided I need to try to finish as many of those as I can before we move in a couple months. They are nicely arranged in the cabinet awaiting their burning :) 
Our wedding photos and other family photos stayed in the cabinet, but are now more organized and just nicer to look at. 

Much better! I feel like I can actually tell what is in the cabinet now! 
Some things got put in the yard sale pile, while others got placed where they really belong. 

Oh...and this little cutie seems to think that everytime I am taking photos for this challenge, she needs to  be in one. I willingly oblige. :)

In case you are wondering, I did catch up on the cleaning bathrooms part of the challenge that I missed last week. I cleaned downstairs bathrooms (2) on Thursday and the upstairs ones (2) on Friday! 
So, I am caught up! Hooray!

Today's part of the challenge is 
Surface Clean Living Room and Kitchen.
Good thing, because mine needs it again! 
Check back this evening for an update on how today goes! Its Monday which means its a busy day! Hopefully I can get motivated and get some energy--hitting the third trimester last week seems to have drained me a little more than I expected. 


Friday, April 12, 2013

Insta-Friday + Spring Clean Update!

Welcome Friday!
I don't know exactly what it is about Fridays that I love so much because the truth is, my job (a wife and mother) doesn't take Saturdays and Sundays off. I think it is just the fact that everyone else around me is off work so it gives us a nice change of pace! Having The Hubs home is one perk I particularly adore :) 

Please forgive me for being so horrible at my House Cleaning Challenge Updates this week! Here's a little catch-up for you:

Challenge #10
Deep Clean the Living Room
I did this yesterday morning and it honestly didn't take as long as I thought it would. My tasks were as follows: 
-Clean windows
-Dust furniture
-Wipe baseboards
-Put away "out-of-place" items
-Run Vacuum

I managed to finish all of it within a few hours. I kind of put off running the vacuum until Little E went down for nap. Sorry there are no pictures--by the time I got around to taking some, I had begun sorting baby clothes in the living room and it was a mess! Kind of defeated the purpose of the pictures :) 

Challenge #11
Clean your Bathroom(s)
Since I was already behind a day, I was playing catch-up yesterday. I went ahead and cleaned both of the downstairs bathrooms which are half baths. I plan to finish this project today by cleaning the upstairs bathrooms along with project #12 which is Cleaning Out a Closet...not too excited about that one! 

I probably could have finished cleaning all four bathrooms if it hand't been for our craziness! Little E had two potty accidents (VERY rare...she's been potty trained for almost a year now!) and our dog, Zoe, also peed in the floor twice, ate an entire box of raisins (I'm talking the large box, not the snack packs), and threw up three times. I was constantly cleaning the floors! 
Needless to say, when I vacuumed the living room, I also vacuumed the entire downstairs because of all the messes we had! Ahh--life with a toddler and a dog....

Now, on to typical FRIDAY fun!
linking up @ LifeRearranged

I didn't take too many photos on my phone this week, so just have a few to share with you! 

The weather here has been PERFECT! 
Here's out picnic lunch the other day--complete with a vase of daffodils! (Thanks, Hubs!)

We took advantage of a warm evening and roasted marshmallows in the back yard! 
Little E loves marshmallows.

Okay, so she wore this dress on Sunday. It got washed on Monday and she wore it again on Tuesday. My daughter has obsessive tendencies (like wearing her Cinderella "glass slippers" every day and night for over a week...yeah...that's another story). She apparently LOVES this dress! And its cute, so I'm cool with her wearing it whenever. The kicked for Tuesday was the cat ears. She insisted on wearing them. 
I guess when you're two you can pull it off. 

So, there you have it! Our week in a nut shell--cleaning and enjoying the warm weather. That's basically what we've done! 

Hope you enjoy your weekend! 
Spring is definitely here and we plan to enjoy it to the fullest, while also celebrating my sister's birthday!

Happy Weekend-ing!

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