Monday, September 30, 2013

in my shoes for 31 days!

Will you go on a journey with me?

Throughout the month of October, I am planning to accompany The Nester on her annual 31 days of blogging adventure. Basically, I'll be writing on one topic each day during the month of October. What's my topic you might ask? 

In My Shoes.

I'll be taking the next 31 days to write daily about the happenings in my life as a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. 

My life really isn't that exciting (now you really want to read each day, right?) so don't get your hopes up too high. Honestly, there are days that I feel like I am living Groundhog Day. My goal is not to impress you with the amazing things in my life, but rather to let you know that you aren't the only one living in the mundane, the mess, and the ordinary times. 

Often times I feel alone in this crazy ride of life because of the season I am in right now...stay-at-home-Momma to a 2 years old and infant. Life consists mostly of keeping kids fed and alive while desperately trying to make sure we all have clean clothes to wear. Some days we never leave the house and others are filled with activities that leave us all exhausted (especially me)!

Life in our 2nd floor apartment, in an urban neighborhood in the tiny city of Charleston. That's what these next 31 days will hold. It will be a challenge for me to even post every day, so I hope I can keep up! 

 photo ab29bc5e-a253-412d-9df4-0cae9934e6f1_zpsb8dd1c0e.jpg

I hope you'll come along with me on this little journey through the next few weeks. I can't promise excitement, but I can promise to share the honest, true, raw happenings of our days. And hopefully you'll be encouraged in your season of life as you laugh along with me as I learn to be thankful for each day...even the ones where my coffee gets left un-drunk until 3:00 pm! :)

This post is Day 1 

Day 27

Day 28 

Day 29

Day 30

Day 31


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Fun

Happy Sunday! 

Did you know that it is National Coffee Day?!?
Pretty sure there are some great offers out there for free coffee today! Starbucks is offering samples of their newest roast. Either way, let's celebrate this day! In my coffee-loving opinion, its a wonderful day! 

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend! Here are some of the posts that I have found to be the most encouraging thing week! 

May you enjoy them as well!

Also, I am planning to join The Nester for the 31 days in October challenge. 
Basically, the challenge is to blog every day in October. Doesn't have to be long...just something! 
I'll be revealing my 31 days topic soon and I'm really excited about the possibilities of this challenge! 

Enjoy the remaining time in your weekend. 
Get rested up for the week ahead! 
Have an amazing Sunday! 


Saturday, September 28, 2013

celebrating in chicago

A couple of weeks ago we loaded up a borrowed mini van with four adults and three children (all under 3) and headed off for a weekend of birthday celebrating in Chicago! 

The Hubs turned 30 and we hadn't been to explore and savor Chicago since he turned 25, so we decided it was as good of a time as any. Our friends had never been to Chicago and they came along for the grand tour. In case you're wondering, Hubs spent 3 glorious years studying at Moody Bible Institute in downtown Chicago. Not to sound cheesy or anything, but that's where we fell in love :) 

We were both super excited to go back and revisit places that hold sweet memories for us and to share that experience with some wonderful friends and our children. 

We had a wonderful time just walking around the city, meeting up with old friends of ours, enjoying some amazing food (read Giordano's and Portillo's).

She REALLY enjoyed all that cheese! 

Little Friends and forward rolls
Big friends catching up
Baby G-man just chillin' out at Millennium Park
Saturday evening, after a full day in the city, we went to a White Sox game just to see them lose. Oh well, we still have fun! 

The rest of the time we spent relaxing and shopping. Our friends had never been to IKEA (shocking, I know), so we introduced them. The kids swam a little at the hotel pool, as well. 

Overall, it was an amazing and exhausting weekend! Traveling in the car for 9 hours with three children isn't exactly relaxing...dragging those same children (one who nurses every few hours) around the city is definitely not relaxing. However, it was totally worth the exhaustion! We had a blast!

I think this was a birthday celebration that will live in our memories for a while...I'd say "forever" but what if we start losing it and can't remember anything in our old age? Then, I'd be lying. So, let's just say we will remember it as long as we can! :)

two places that are precious in our memories from our date-ship days. 
HoJo's (aka Howard Johnson's).  Anytime Hubs would pick me up from the air port during our dating days (we were long distance) he'd take me there for breakfast. My flight was always a 6:00am which meant I was in Chi-town by 7:00am central time. It looks run down...mostly because it kind of is...but it was the cute little diner experience we loved and the waitress named "Flo" (no joke).  So Howard Johnson had a different meaning for wasn't a motel, it was a diner.

The flower shop on La Salle is where he picked up beautiful flowers for me on the night of his Junior/Senior banquet, a formal event and the flowers were stunning! Don't you just love the sign too? Precious. 

 Its hard to believe all that fun happened two weeks ago! 
We adore the city of Chicago. Honestly, we dream of living there...even with kids. Crazy, I know, but we aren't afraid to admit our craziness. Who knows, maybe one day God will grant that desire for us. Until then, we will enjoy it when we can and celebrate all the wonderful memories God gave us there. 


Friday, September 27, 2013


Welcome to another week of Insta-Friday pics! 

Baby G's dedication at church was on Sunday. He needed something "fancy" to wear, and you know, boys are just hard that way. You can't put a lovely dress on them or even a big, fluffy hair bow. So, G-man got a bow tie. I decided to make him one last Friday and it turned out so cute! 

Saturday was a football day! Our little football fell fast asleep :)

Growing up, I never had a typical s'more. 

My mom wasn't a fan of marshmallows, and in turn, neither were we. When we needed a treat and there weren't any oreos in the house (rare, folks...rare) she would make us our own version of s'mores. 

Basically, graham cracker spread with peanut butter and topped with chocolate chips. Put in the oven until gooey. Delish! Its not a wonder that I have an obsession with anything chocolate and peanut butter!

E's third week of ballet was this week! 
She loves it! 
Look at that look of excitement.

Lunch picnic on the porch!

The weather has been gorgeous this week, so we've enjoyed being outside a lot! 
This day in particular, we spent almost 2 hours at the park down the street. So fun!

So thankful that today is Friday. We've started having "fun friday" each week. Basically, we do something fun each friday. Its really easy for me to get caught up in the daily chores and not put much else in our schedule. Having "fun friday" helps me think of something that would be really fun for Little E to do with me on Fridays! Not really sure what today holds yet, but most likely something outside...its just too beautiful to not be out.

Linking up with life.rearranged again this week!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, September 20, 2013


Good Morning, lovelies! 
Its Friday and I couldn't be happier! 

This week has been packed with travel, birthday celebrations, and other goodies. I've had a wonderfully slow start to this morning--sipping my coffee, doing some yoga, and now sitting down to chat with you. 

Speaking of yoga...
I'm not super into it...yet. 
My mom got me into this 30-day Yoga Challenge on YouTube and I love it!
Today I completed Day 2 and I feel fantastic. I'm not very flexible, so if I can do it you can too! Its been a great way to get into yoga as a beginner and much less intimidating than going to a class. 

Now, onto your regularly scheduled Insta-Friday! 

Linking up with Life.Rearranged. You should too!

Traveling home I got to sit in the back with these cuties...
That sweet little lady could be Baby G's future wife if Hubs and I have anything to say about it. We love her and her parents :)

Yesterday was National Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day. Did you know? 
We stopped by KrispyKreme and snagged a free donut! 
Little E was dressed like a princess (seriously, tiara and glass slippers) rather than a pirate, but she talked like a pirate and got her donut. Just ask her. She'll tell you she said, "Rar Matie"

I finally got to do some sewing yesterday! Woohoo! 
I made super sweet curtains for E's room and she adores them! 
Cheap and easy.

A few images from our Chicago trip! We LOVED heading back to the city where we fell in love...although it was much different with two kids. 

We stopped by Millennium Park and let E run around while we caught up with friends and listened to the concert.

Fun at Millennium Park.

There's my handsome Hubs with Baby G in the Ergo. We met up with his good friend Jeremy who we hadn't seen in 5 years! It was great to see him for a few minutes and Hubs really enjoyed introducing him to our friends who were with us. 

On the way home, I was nursing Baby G in the van while the Hubs ran into Dunkin' for a cup of coffee. He brought me this little surprise. Pumpkin Spice Munchkin. 

Waiting at our favorite pizza place downtown--Giordanno's! 
It was delicious and they even made us a cheese-less stuffed pizza. They were so helpful and we savored every decadent bite. 

The Hub's 30th birthday was also this week, and I somehow managed to get  NO (0, zero, big goose egg!) pictures! How terrible is that?!? 
More on the birthday celebration and our Chi-town trip later! 

Happy Friday and enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

30 years and counting

Dear Michael,

I know I (we...your friends) tease you about being the "old man" of the group because you are older than the rest of us; however, what we really mean is that we love the wisdom of your years and the fun stories that God has given you over your life (that is just a tad longer than ours)! You are a blessing to my life and that of our family and friends. Our children are amazingly blessed to have a father who seeks desperately to show them the True Father! Your sacrifice, generosity, compassion, love, and wisdom (as well as your "geekiness") are a beautiful picture of God's working in your life. 

Thank you for how you've led our family and for your patience in following our Father's plan for our life. Even in the difficult times, you remain faithful to our God and never waiver in the calling he has placed on your life. Thank you for being that steady, faithful man and leading/protecting/providing for our family. 

Happy 30th Birthday, my Love! 

Praising God for 30 years of life for you and begging him for many more! 

Now, in honor of your 30th birthday...30 things about you that I adore! 

1. Your faith in our Savior. 
2. Your good looks ;) 

3. Taking me to Uganda for 6 months. Life.Changing! Thank you! 
4. How you sacrifice things of this world (money, possessions, etc) to follow where HE leads. 
Thanks for being faithful to your calling.

5. The way you supported me during both pregnancies and births. No doula were the best support and help I could've ever dreamed of! 

6. Family means the world to you! Thank you for ALWAYS putting us first!
7. Your pursuit of further education--Academy (even though I complain about it a lot, I love that you are digging deeper and always learning).

8. Your love of history.
9. Your desire to share history with others.
10. How you share our families' stories & memories with our children so they will know where they came from...and that their deceased family members would've LOVED knowing them!

11. How you make E feel like a princess! 
12. The way you drop everything to dance with her to "Cinderella" in the "ballroom"! I could cry every time! 

13. That you're always up for a photo op. Good thing, because I'm always wanting to take photos :)

14. Your kisses (is that too mushy for a blog post? Oh well if it is!)

15. Your pure enjoyment of good food.
16. That everything I cook for you is "bangin'". 

17. I love holding hands with you.
18. I love that you hold our little girl's hand! 
19. That E says she's going to marry you
(I'll never tell her she can't. Its precious that she sees the amazing man you are and wants to have you all to herself...forever! One day that will change, but for now, E is going to marry you one day)

20. Celebrating with you. So glad that you enjoy making a big deal out of the little things in life...and the big things too! 
21. How social you are. You seem to always find a way to connect with people...even strangers. 
22. You love for all things coffee!

23. Seeing how excited you were about having a son! How you would stay awake at night dreaming about names for him! 
24. Your helpfulness with the babes...especially in this season of waking up at night. You always hear them before me, and sometimes get them back to sleep without even waking me. 

25. Dating you! You've always been wonderful at planning dates. 
26. How you carve out time for me to have "alone time" several days out of the week. Even if its only 30 minutes or so. I need that. Thank you!

27. Your love for books! 
28. Your passion in worship of Christ. 
29. How romantic you are! That's rare and I love it!

30. Our Story...
God has given us an amazing story together. Everything from how we met, how I fell for you before you ever knew I existed, how I prayed to marry you for years, how you finally recognized that I was alive, how you were careful with my heart (and yours), our date-ship, our engagement story (most romantic thing EVER!), our wedding, our lives these last 5+ years. I honestly cannot wait to see what God has in store for us in the next years. The good, the not-so-great, the fun, the sad, the changes, the mundane...I'm excited for it all because it'll be with you!

Happy 30th Birthday, Love! 

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