Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Nap Time

Nap is glorious! 
My little girl is so busy these days, that when nap time rolls around I am so excited because it means that I get to do things I couldn't do while she was awake...simply because when she's awake my life involves making sure she doesn't get hurt or kill herself! 

So nap time today consists of a little sewing and...

1.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is,   shut off the alarm. I cannot stand to have the alarm continue to go off for any longer than it must.

2.   I can hardly wait for   this semester to be finished. Why do all of my finals have to be on the LAST day of finals week? I'd honestly be ecstatic if they were all on Monday at 8 am! I just want them over with, but I will have to wait until May 10. 

3.  The quickest way to my heart is    dependent upon who you are. For Hubs its flowers or an hour of alone time     because     those things say, "I love you", "I want to serve you". 

4. A little known fact about me is that    there is a little old lady inside of me who comes out every once in a while in the form of a 20-something young mama who just wants to sit and crochet. Yes, its true. But it only happens every once in a yesterday :)

5. The best part about my job is    I get to spend time with the one(s) I love every day. Watching Little E grow and change has been a blast! Also, I can to go to Target basically whenever I feel like it...and today I feel like it.

6. Something I just couldn't live without is    cookies. Its strange but I have lots of cravings for cookies these days. Almost every Wednesday after church I say to Hubs, "I could really go for a cookie right about now". That's why we usually keep a supply of oreos around. Too many nights have been spent waiting anxiously for cookies to hurry up and bake already!

7.  Something useful that I wish I knew how to do is   garden. I've grown some plants in pots on our porch this spring, but one day I'd like to have a big garden and grow lots of my own veggies. The peppers, squash, spinach, and tomato will do this year though.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Earth Month {gift for you}

Yesterday was Earth Day. Now, before we go any further, I am not some hippy-dippy, tree-hugging girl, BUT I do try to make the most of what has been given to me. Our planet is a gift and our family does what we can to help take care of it and not be care-less.

Here are some examples of the little things we do:

cloth diapers

homemade cleaners/toiletries 

recycling (just got my new shiny recycling bin from the city last week!)

reusable anything (tupperware, bags, etc)

paper-less kitchen 

You can see, we do some things, but not a whole lot. It is difficult balancing everything in life right now, so we try to do what we can without making ourselves crazy crazier.

Here's the deal, we all need to do something to preserve our resources and save money, right? RIGHT!
Since it is Earth Month I'm going to give you a little something special.

Head over to my etsy shop and check out the Reusable Snack Bags. I use them all. the. time.
They are great to taking along snacks for you or your kiddos. We even use a large one for the Little People that E loves so much to tag along with us on our little adventures. They have MANY uses and save money and plastic because you aren't using up plastic zip top bags all the time! I haven't bought a box of those in several months now!

I only have a few bags listed on the site as of right now, but you can place a custom order with specifications about color, size, etc simply by messaging me through the shop.

This is the best part--
use the coupon code "earthmonth" to get 10% off your entire order.

That is my gift to you!
Happy Earth Month!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear Blogger/Follower/Reader~

As you can see (by this lonely post) I am still alive! That fact is probably a relief as well as a shock to many of you due to the fact that I seemed to have fallen off the face of the blogging planet recently. But, I am still here!

Most of you know my story, my life, this season I am in. Being a full time wife, momma and student has completely taken over every waking (and sometimes supposed-to-be-sleeping) moment! I don't apologize for putting you all on hold, because my first responsibility is to my family.

Basically, what I'm saying is that my blog has been and will be put on hold for the next few weeks. Classes will be over in just 2 (seemingly long) weeks, then we will be back to our regularly scheduled blogging!

Bare with me, it is my last semester of classes...did you get that? LAST semester of classes! Student teaching begins in August, but I won't ever have to attend another undergrad class again! Woohoo!

Looking forward to what this blog holds for the summer months! So, stick with us, and check back for more posts in mid-May!

Blessings, lovelies!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

simple weekends...

I'm certain that you gathered that I love simple things...minimalism.

Though I have tried very hard to make my home extremely simple, I feel like in the past few weeks it has gotten out of hand. Mainly because of school and being pretty busy. I have kind of "let things go"...and that's okay for a time.

Today, however, I found some more encouragement in this area and it has inspired me to once again concentrate on getting my home back to simplicity. I was able to get up early this morning and head to our local Panera bread for a cinnamon swirl & raisin bagel and some coffee...all alone. This is super rare, but I am so thankful for a husband that sees the need for me to have some solitude every once in a while.

During my alone time, I came across some blog posts that gave me the inspiration I mentioned.

5 Tips for decluttering...NOW!
I had never seen this blog before, but you can guarantee I will be browsing through her posts because this one was great!

cleaning calm--enjoying homekeeping with children
was also a great post! Notice she used the word homekeeping as opposed to housekeeping. I like homekeeping isn't just the house I am trying to keep but I am really trying to keep my home peaceful--home includes the people and house implies the building. An all around good post...good blog for that matter!

with that...I am logging off to enjoy the rest of my alone time this morning.

may your weekend be filled with simple blessings!

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