Friday, November 7, 2014

Insta Friday

After a little break, I'm back to Insta-Friday! 

A peek into our life via Instagram photos!

I've spent a lot of time this week working on getting my shop stocked with goodies for mommas and their littles! Just in time for the Holidays! 

We had a new couple from our church for dinner this week.
The kids were playing so quietly that we didn't bother to check on them until E came in laughing.
This is what G-man was doing...dry erase marker all over his face. 

And E built a rocket...and put a bucket on her head for a helmet. 
What imagination this little lady has!

We raked the leaves in the yard for E to run through. 
This is a favorite thing for her. One day, when we have our own house, I hope we have a sugar maple so we can have all the gorgeous leaves and the kids can play in them (is that a "pie in the sky" kind of dream?)

Thank you Little People for providing an hours worth of imaginative play!
Rarely does she play by herself for very long but this was a welcomed sight!

Krispy Kreme on Halloween with friends! 

G-man's first bites of heavenly KK bliss. 
Needless to say, he liked it.

These gorgeous knits are going up in the shop today as infinity nursing scarves!
Check them out later when you get a chance!
Oh, and follow SewingSeedsShop on Instagram to see more of what's coming!

Happy Fun Friday and Happy Weekend to you all!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

*New* product!

Are you ready for some *new* products in the shop

They're here!! 

I've been working on getting these made and ready to sell for a few months now, but with "The Big Couch Project of 2014" they have gotten put on the back burner....until NOW! 

I'll have some new teething necklaces soon, but the newest item is

Nursing scarves! 

Totally wishing I had made some for myself when G-man was nursing all the time. They are so cute and functional! 

You wear this...

Wrapped around like you would any infinity scarf. 

When baby needs to nurse and you need to cover up a little bit? 
Just un-loop it and cover yourself and your so

Each scarf is 35" wide and 60" long. 
They have served edges to prevent raveling. 
And they come in a variety of fun, trendy colors and patterns. 

Which one is your favorite? 

I'll be putting these up for sale in the shop later this week! 

Remember, for anyone who lives in or near Charleston you can use coupon code "LOCAL" at check out for free shipping and I will deliver it to you! :)

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