Thursday, October 30, 2014

write31days {confession & conclusion}

Alright guys, confession. 

(Which actually isn't any secret)

This last week I completely lost my write31days blogging momentum. You  know why? I'll tell you. One word. 4 letters.


I made it 27 days.
Only 4 left to go until I complete the entire month. 
But I dropped the ball. 
And let's face it...

I won't be picking it back up.

You know why? 


My life, my husband, my children, my home, my friends, my family, my commitments.

All of those things are more important.
And right now they all require a ton of my time. 

Sorry if that disappoints you or you feel like I left you hanging. 

The conclusion to the series goes something like this: 

Charleston is a great little city to live in or visit. There are many fun activities, exciting places, and yummy food to be had. I hope you come visit soon! 

There ya have it! 

Now, back to my regularly scheduled life with littles. 
I'll be here...just not every day...and not for the rest of this week. 

We have Trick-or-Treat to tend to! 
Apple Cider


Monday, October 27, 2014

{day 27} in a small city

Happy Monday! 
I am really excited to share with you a fun event that we participated in this weekend! 

Every summer, Charleston hosts "Festivall". For a few weeks each June the "City becomes a work of art". There are events to go to, art to be seen, food to be tasted, and music to listen to. 

More recently, they started hosting "Festivall Fall". Unlike "Festivall" this even only lasts a weekend. This year, it was this past weekend. 

While we didn't participate in the Pub Crawl, the Zombie Run 5K, or anything else, our children got to participate in the Make and Take Crafts on Saturday. It was right around the corner, so Hubs walked them over and they came home with all kinds of fun stuff they had made. They also browsed the craft fair and purchased me some homemade soap (one of my favorite things)! 

Bird cake! 

Fall tree with puzzle piece leaves.

They colored these paper masks. One was a skeleton the other was a pumpkin. E thought she was super scary in her mask!

Festivall Fall was a pretty fun event for our family, even though we only took part in one activity. 
Our favorite part of Festivall (the summer event) is Taste-Of-All where local restaurants come and you can pay a small sum to sample foods from whichever restaurant appeals to you. Its really fun...and delicious! 

These events provide so much fun and a kind of different feel to the city. Charleston is getting artsy folks!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

{day 26} in a small city

This next place is another one that would probably be better for older children, although we have taken our littles there. It makes me a nervous wreck the whole time because everything is glass! :) 

A paint your own pottery studio that is located in one of the shopping plazas off of Rt. 119. 

You go, pick a piece (all priced differently), paint, and leave it there so they can glaze it. 
It is a very fun experience. We did it a few years ago as a double date with some of our friends. We painted a piece with our family purpose statement on it so we could display it and always be reminded of it. 

My mom took Little E over the summer when my cousins were visiting. She painted this ballet slipper...and she loves it! 

But I know the process of her painting it was quite stressful. 

The Pottery Place offers special events as well. We have never gone, but I know that occasionally they have story times where the children paint and listen to a read aloud. They also host birthday parties which, in my opinion, would be super fun when my kids are a little older.

Feeling creative? Is your inner-artist itching to get out? 
The Pottery Place might be just where you need to go! 


Saturday, October 25, 2014

{day 25} in a small city

While you are already in Southridge, let me introduce you to Charleston's Ice Skating Arena! 

I remember when they were building this. Boy, does that make me feel old! 

For older children this is a great place to go to blow off some steam and wear their energy level down! They have public skating daily. Adult admission is $8 and skate rental $2. 

They also offer skating lessons and host events such as collegiate hockey games. 

Our favorite event they offer is called Totsicles. 
Every Friday last winter we would go from 9:30-10:30 and E played on the ice. They bring out lots of toys, tricycles, etc for the children to play with. They can wear ice skates if they want but most of the children are young and just wear their tennis shoes to play. After playing for an hour they take the children to the lobby area by the fire place, read a story, and give them hot cocoa and cookies. All for just $5! 
We are looking forward to doing it again this winter! Such a fun thing to do on a Friday morning. 

The ice arena offers a variety of activities and hosts birthday parties as well...making it a very family friendly attraction!


{day 24} in a small city

Right outside of Charleston on Rt. 119 you'll find a huge shopping area with 3 shopping plazas and tons of restaurants. 

We go out there frequently for our Target adventures (seems like weekly...maybe we have an obsession but that's ok, right?). Sometime, though, Hubs will take the kids (it started as dates with Little E) to Cabela's. 

Yes. Cabela's. 

E loves to go look at the animals (dead and stuffed) and fish in the fish tank. She likes exploring the store and all the cool stuff they have their as well, but the highlight is fish tank. 

Confession: I have only been with them one time. It was this last summer and E pulled the fire alarm (we think...long story). Needless to say, we were't there very long. But G-man his first baseball cap that night. 

So after enjoying a dinner at one of Southridge's many restaurants, head over toe Cabela's to do some exploring with your kiddos. 


{day 23} in a small city

Charleston is the Capitol City. 
So one of the most beautiful and most informing attractions is the Capitol Complex and the Capitol building itself. It is a gorgeous golden domed building. 

Our family really enjoys taking walks around the grounds of the Capitol. Its beautiful...especially in the fall. 

G started out ambitious but didn't make it very far up the stairs.

We found some really big leaves. E thought they were great!

The Capitol is a great place to walk around--outside or inside. The view of the river alongside the front of the building is one of the better views in the city. 

So go explore the Capitol building and get your family a little history lesson at the same time! 


Thursday, October 23, 2014

{day 22} in a small city

Ok. So, I fell off the wagon yesterday. 
But I'm getting right back on today! 

Anyone up for some shopping, because today I'm taking you to the Charleston Town Center Mall! 

So, it doesn't really look pretty. That's mainly because the parking garage is the only thing you see from the outside. 

The mall definitely offers a variety of stores for a great shopping experience, but its more than that as well. We like to go to grab a cup of Starbucks and just walk through. And yes, it is the only corporate owned Starbucks location in Charleston. Sad. 

And...middle of October and we already have Christmas decorations up.
Yeah. Not really OK with that.


Our littles love the mall too...but not because of the stores. 

They love the extra little things...

Like riding in the apple car with Lowly Worm...who is (by the way) Little E's husband. She actually says that frequently and just the other day she told me that "If I marry Lowly worm I can't have real human babies with feet because you can't have human babies if you marry a worm." True story. And technically she's right...but there's a lot more wrong with marrying a worm than just the fact that her babies wouldn't have feet. 
So Little E loves the Lowly worm ride. G-man, not so much. Cried the entire time.

Then there's Build-A-Bear. We just go to browse most of the time. 

They also have a "Play Patch"...basically an indoor play area that is made to look like fruits and veggies (Thank you, CAMC). The Play Patch saved us last winter when it was so cold for so long and we all had cabin fever! 

The restaurant selection at the mall isn't too shabby either. Panera is always a great option, but there is also the food court (hello, Chic-Fil-A) and other nicer restaurants (Chili's, Tidewater, The Chop House, Outback, etc). 

They recently did a total overhaul on the mall, complete with renovations outside as well which made it feel really fun and festive year round--bistro lights, etc. 

The Town Center Mall is a great place to take the family to enjoy some shopping, good food, or people watching (my favorite). Your kids will probably bug you to death to ride a ride, or have a new Build-a-Bear animal, but still...its fun....sort of :) 

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