Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Happy Hump day ladies! 
Here we are with another What I Wore Wednesday
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This week I was actually inspired by an outfit from a post from ThePleatedPoppy
back in December! 

When I saw the post, I realized that I had the exact same skirt....only I had recently cleaned out my closet and put it in the box to donate! Needless to say, I rescued it and it now have a place in my wardrobe once again. 
I wasn't able to recreate my version of this outfit until recently when I acquired a
denim button-up from Forever 21. My look have more of a Spring feel (no tights or boots) because 
it was 80* here this weekend! 

While I wasn't able to get a photo of me actually wearing the outfit, 
here is what I recreated and gave my own person touches to for my Sunday style this week. 
Denim shirt--Forever 21
Black skirt-- Target (long time ago!)
Gray braid belt-- Ann Taylor LOFT (I think)
Red braid sandal-- Forever 21

So there ya have it!
An inspired outfit recreated. 
Honestly, I felt quite proud of myself for being able to do that. Style ins't my forte, so when something comes together like this, I am really surprised with myself. 


Friday, April 11, 2014


We're at it again, with another edition of 

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last friday's impromptu play date at the Clay Center

latest table re-do
i'm really loving the stencil i got from Michael's! 

we spent the majority of our week in Louisville, KY. Hubs was
attending a seminary class at SBTS and T4G. 
We just hung out with our family there. 
we played at the KY Science Center on Tuesday...SO fun!

despite a rainy monday, e still got to play at the waterfront park! 
oh how i wish our riverfront was this nice! we visit this park each time we are there.
thumbs up, Louisville...your park is awesome!

monday morning coffee with "uncle".

thursday evening, my mom kept G-man so E and I could have a date.
we ate outside at Panera and then she wanted to ride in the car with
"her husband, lowly worm". seriously. she talks about him all the time and calls him
her husband. 

first official order from my shop! a friend ordered several teething necklaces for
friends and family that are expecting babies soon. 
not gonna lie...first sale is exciting!

cute little coffee shop downtown Louisville
mrs. potter's coffee.
we enjoyed a cup after a few hours of playing at the science center.

it was a fun and busy week for us. 
so thankful to be home and to have Hubs home with us! spending today catching up on laundry and prepping for a beautiful weekend (75* and sunny...I'll take it)!

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A little project

So, I have been bit by the "its-Spring-and-I-need-to-redecorate" bug.

I have really been wanting to re-do everything in my house...but I have only done a few things. My coffee table is the only one that is fully finished right now, but I am working on a thrifted bedside table too.

I painted the coffee table white ("crumb cookie" to be exact) a while back but felt it needed something. I got a great stencil at Michael's and used some leftover sample paint...I love how it turned out!


Its another post of What I Wore Wednesday...straight from Louisville, KY!

We are here this week visiting my family while Hubs attends a class at SBTS and the T4G conference.

The kids and I are entertaining ourselves and having a great time...more on that soon. :)

Here's what I have been wearing...

First full day in KY. Rained all day.
Heres what I wore to run around town for a bit.
Shirt- GAP
Jeans- Express
Shoes- starter with "city shoes" from GAP but they got soggy so switched to Sperry's
Last Friday-- Impromptu play date at local chchildren's museum.
Shirt-- Aeropostale (consignment)
Necklace-- Lisa Leonard
Shoes-- "city shoes" from GAP

Tuesday--fun around Louisville.
KY Science Center, coffee, shopping
Tank and Cardi-- Target
Jeans-- Loft
Necklace--my shop

There ya go girls!
That's what I've been wearing this week.

Friday, April 4, 2014

insta friday!

Another week has come and gone. 
You know what that means. 
It's Insta-Friday! 
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playtime on the porch

we spent a lot of time outside this week!

curried chickpeas for dinner!


target fun
honestly, I hate these shopping carts...just too big.
but E loves them and it was kind of nice to have her in a seat she enjoyed rather than
fighting her standing in the back of the regular shopping cart.

lunch outside!

monday night I noticed G-man had a hole in his sock...and his big toe was sticking out...
Hubs had the same issue that night! weird! 
my thing is, how exactly does this happen with a baby who can't walk or crawl yet?

spring decor 
getting crafty :)

monday morning consisted of coffee and etsy listings!

pulling up already! 
love those big blue eyes!

sunday snuggles

ballet class

May your Friday be blessed, friends!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

finding beauty--week 3

I'm doing my typical Thursday "finding beauty" post at the end of the day...and honestly its kind of ironic.
Today hasn't been an easy day here. Difficult children, lots of crying, discipline issues, overtime for Hubs all week, and refusals to nap. To be honest, I'm not really "in the mood" to write this post, but its good for my soul to look back on the beauty that has littered my week even though today has not felt at all beautiful. 

breakfast shenanigans 

post eruption in the living room :)

my little plants are taking off! so much so that I am running out of pots to put my little seedlings in!

napping+sunshine= THE.LIFE.


E was terrified of our little turtle friend.

she wanted to "dig

this is what this corner of the kitchen looks like during/after a typical day.

little flowers soaking up sun

painting on the porch
thank goodness its finally warm. it makes messy activities seem much more do-able!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Wednesdays are fun around here because...
it means another edition of 


And, let's just be honest.
I've been somewhat of a slacker this week when it came to taking photos! 
I really did get dressed more than one day this week, but I didn't remember to take a picture before changing into my PJ's.

Thursday-- mentor meeting and a couple of errands
Coral skinnies--Gabe's
White nursing tank--Target (several years ago)
Denim button-up-- Forever 21
Necklace-- American Eagle (years ago)

You like my little photo bomber? 
I wanted her to be in the photo with me, but she obviously wasn't having that. 
She was dressed to the nines that day as well -- tutu, leggings, and pink boots w/fringe! 
Yep. She was fancy!

Maybe this week I'll get a couple more photos, but to be honest, we've been doing a lot of little projects (painting, etc) and playing outside in the beautiful sunny weather so I have mostly been wearing jeans and tees. 

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