Friday, July 25, 2014


Wow! What a week! 
As I was journaling this morning, I realized what a full, fun, and exhausting week it has been! I didn't capture every moment with a photo, but here are a few glimpses. I'm really ready for Hubs to have a day off next week...I could use some time alone, and we could use some time as a family.

A trip to Michael's for a paint brush also included these letters. 
They were 70% off and I had been wanting them. 
Thanks to some acrylic paint that I had on hand (and mixed up), an IKEA paint brush, and a frugal find I was able to put up some decor in the kitchen...a room lacking in that area.
I really do love them!!

My main reason for going to Michael's. I need a thin line paint brush for this. 
Hubs and his buddy cut the boards and nailed them together. I stained it and traced and painted the words. 
I am soo in love with this sign. Its on the mantle in our bedroom and makes me smile every time I see it.

Breakfast for dinner--GF pancakes.
E asked for a smiley face :)

They did it again! Second year in a row these guys won the softball championship!
We celebrated at IHOP...on a Monday 11:00...with children.
Yes, we're nuts. But you only win a championship game every once in a while, right?!?

Teaching E the basics of softball...she loved running on the field.

E has been a big helper this week. She helped unload all the groceries while I made lunch on Tuesday. She'd ask where things went and I would tell her. When I said "pantry" this is where it went...all in the bottom. I had to go back and rearrange later, but it was precious watching her so excited about helping!

I love fresh flowers. 
These were $1 and they made my living room all the more cheery!

I'm currently hosting a Jamberry nails party on FaceBook. These are my samples.
I love them. They are fun, cute, trendy, and they last forever!! My last set lasted 2+weeks and for a momma who is constantly changing diapers, washing dishes, etc. that's amazing! 

Silly girl.
Take a sweet pepper, bite a whole in the bottom, place on thumb, dance around. 

G-man had a rough time going down for nap yesterday. This is after an hour of crying and 30 minutes of snuggling with Momma. He finally crashed and I enjoyed every second of snuggling him. It isn't often he does this anymore so I soaked it up.

Even E enjoyed snuggling with him when she woke up from her nap.

Hubs and I capped off a busy week with a little impromptu date night at a local crepe place. They make GF crepes that were amazing! And its owned by a Christian family...they have Scripture displayed everywhere (even on their water bottles and coffee cups) and a prayer request board. Since we moved here a year ago we haven't found our "spot" (we had a "spot" in our other town where we'd go for mini-coffee-dates when we had a sitter for 30-45 minutes on the fly)...I think we've found our new "spot"!  


Thursday, July 24, 2014

no more "surviving"...and a recipe!

Am I the only one who ever feels like she is in a rut when it comes to cooking? 
My dinners tend to be the same rotation of dishes all.the.time. 

After having G-man last year, I was really just in survival mode much of the time. We were lucky to have dinner over the last year...let alone have something fancy, different, or creative! I've felt this way about many aspects of my life the last year. The initial adjustment to two children was hard, but the entire last year has been difficult for me to feel like I'm doing any more than surviving. Because of that, I have done the minimum in so many areas which absolutely drives me crazy. I want to do my best, but sometimes the energy and motivation just isn't there...and neither is the time. 

Now that I recognize my mindset over the last year, I am making it a goal to get out of survival mode and thrive. One way I can simply and practically do that is through my cooking. The goal is to make a new or different recipe once a week. By "new" I don't necessarily mean totally and completely new...something I've never cooked. I mean more like something I haven't cooked in a while or something with a new twist to it. I'm going to put those Pinterest recipes to work! :) 

This week, I made Paella. I didn't put shrimp in mine (which I hear is a more authentic version) because Hubs has an allergy. I found a great recipe for Simple Chicken and Sausage Paella and it was a hit! 

I made oven roasted brussels sprouts and broccoli to go with it.  

It was a delicious dinner and the whole family enjoyed it. I think this will become a regular around here. Its easy, quick (about 30 minutes), gluten and dairy free, and not expensive to make. And did I mention it makes a TON? Seriously, Hubs has lunch to take with him to work for the next several days...and that's always a plus in our house!

I have a couple more recipes on the menu for the next few days that are new to us and I am excited to try them. Check back next Thursday to see what some of those recipes are and how they turned out. 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It's Wednesday! Happy "Hump" Day, everyone! 
We've made it half way through this week! 

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy
for another edition of 


So, without further ado...

This week I managed to capture one outfit. Lest you think I was a slob all week, I actually did get dressed (in something suitable) several times yet always forgot to photograph it. Oh well! Here's the one I did get!

Tuesday-- park in the morning for our Romans 8 memorization group, grocery shopping before lunch, working around the house. An all-around busy day! 

Shirt-- the teens/young adults at our church had a "boot camp" a few weeks ago. We were unable to attend, but they gave us some cool shirts! Not your average t-shirt. I love the colors and the way it fits...loosely, but with a shape. 

Shorts-- Old Navy

Shoes--trusty Birks. I know you've seen them in many WIWW posts if you've been around long enough.

So, nothing fancy this week. Just some comfy, cool summer attire! 


Friday, July 18, 2014

Insta Friday

Its been a full week...but you wouldn't know it based on my Insta Gram pictures. 
I have been eerily lax in my taking of photos this week. Maybe because it has been so busy that I haven't really stopped to take pictures. Whatever the reason, I don't have many to share this week, but that isn't for lack of activities! :) 

We went to our local children's museum (The Clay Center) for story time this week. 
G-man loves balls. Any size. Any shape. Any color. Even his sister's princess soccer ball.
Needless to say he loved the ball pit! 
Sent this pic to Hubs and told him G-man was thinking, 
"This is what heaven must be like"! :)

Last Friday was cow appreciation day! 
Did you go? 
We did! All dressed like cows. It was a fun evening. E really enjoyed...even naming us all (Papa Cow, Momma Cow, Little Cow, and Baby Cow). 
The free dinner was nice too! 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Living Room Update

Remember how I mentioned that The Nesting Place had inspired me to decorate and love my home? 
I started with the living room. The room that needed the most love! 
I wrote about it here

You know how it goes though...its never really "done".
I wasn't completely in love with it either. 
I'm still not. 

I really want to cover my couch...that's a big job and I think I can do it but the thought it a little daunting! 

There are some new updates though! Thanks to Salvation Army Thrift Store, Goodwill, a hand-me-down frame and a $2 can of spray paint! :) 

I am totally in love with the mantle now!
That's always a hard one for me because I don't want it to look like too much or too little. It needs dimension and various textures. I was really having a hard time completing it so I added the twigs for height, the green vase for a pop of color but something was still missing. It all looked like similar textures to me. Then, a stroke of genius! I put the African beads in the white pedestal bowl and voila! Perfection. Dimension. Color. Texture. Exactly what it needed. 

The mirror was $2 at Goodwill. I spray painted it white.
Pedestal bowl cost 25 cents at Salvation Army Thrift Store.
The rest I found around my house.

I felt like the wall beside the chair needed a little something too.
Does that picture look familiar? It used to be above my mantle. 
A friend was getting rid of some large collage style frames. I simply removed the collage mat and sprayed the frame white. I had to cut my picture down a tad to fit the frame. 
I feel like this wall needs a little something else...words maybe? Not sure yet. 

All in all, the added updates cost about $8 and took 30 minutes of my time! 
Now, that's my kind of decorating! 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hey girls! So, I managed to actually get dressed several times this week! 
Maybe its not a big accomplishment for you, but as a mom of two littles and the weather being scorching lately, I have mainly survived in running shorts and tanks. This week was a little bit better with motivation on my part. 

I'm joining The Pleated Poppy again for another week of
What I Wore Wednesday! 
A peak into my wardrobe choices for the last week. 

Wednesday--Lunch with friends, babysitting, Bible study in the evening

I picked up these black shorts at Ann Taylor Loft on Tuesday for like $10! 
V-neck tee- Target
Sandals--old! Walmart maybe?? 

Sunday--church and lunch out with friends
Jeans-- my trusty Express jeans that I got on consignment for next to nothing
Black top-- Target
Belt-- Hand-me-down from my Granny
Bracelet and sandals were both Target clearance items! 

There you have it! 
I managed to get dressed (and photograph it) at least twice this last week!! 

What have you been wearing? 
Join the link up if you want...its loads of fun!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Reading

Summer Reading...
the sound of that is kind of nostalgic to me. 
Like this romanticized thing where you sit and devour books upon books while sipping a cool drink on your porch or something fruity with an umbrella in it by the pool. 

Does that ever happen in real life? 
Not here! I really want to read, but there are a few things that keep me from it. 

1. Time. Life with littles requires so much time just to basically survive that reading is most definitely a luxury (right up there with "going to the bathroom alone", "eating chocolate without having to share" and "taking a hot shower without being interrupted"). 

2. Options. There are just too many of them! I like reading Christian-non-fiction that challenges my heart, but I can't just read that. It becomes overwhelming and my brain needs "chill" time. So, I figure I should read some fiction...and then I'm even more overwhelmed! How do you know where to start? 

Problem #2 has been remedied (partially) after listening to the most recent Art Of Simple Podcast
Tsh and Modern Mrs Darcy chat about books and MMD's summer reading list. I thought a few of the books they mentioned sounded great so I put them on hold at the library. Actually...there were probably about 5 that I put on hold!! I'm really excited about reading something new and different. 

I want to share the things I am reading with you over the next few months. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to read something that is new and different for you too!! 

So, I just finished up The Nesting Place.

rocked. my. world.
I wrote a post on it here.

Seriously, its inspirational in ways I can't least it was for me anyway! Some of you decorating goo-roos out there might find it silly, but it was about so.much.more than decorating. It made me think about my heart and challenged me to push myself in creative ways and in ways of the heart (contentment, living in the present, thankfulness, etc). Its a beautiful book. It will be one of those that I go back to time and time again. 

Now, I am starting a little fiction kick! 
The Rosie Project.


Just picked it up yesterday and its hilarious. Easy read. Short chapters. Feels like I am flying through it. That's the kind of book this momma needs! Great for bedtime reading as it doesn't get me too uptight or too into another world (reading The Hunger Games aloud with Hubs before bed was probably a horrible decision...but it was fun at the time).

I'm also working to finish up 
Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full.
Its taking longer than expected because I decided to go through the study questions that go with it. 
Talk about challenging! I'll give you a better review once its completely finished. more! 

I rented this from our public library via my Kindle. Over half way through the book my loan ended! Now I'm back on the waiting list to borrow it again so I can finish it. Very good book so far and I'm not typically much of a historical, biographical, kind of reader. Its been more than a read for me...its been teaching me about history as well which was never something I loved (I'm more of math girl).

So what are you reading? 
Do you have any good recommendations for me? 
I have a few more on my list to read when I finish the ones I'm on now, but would love to hear what some of your favorites are! From any genre! 


Friday, July 11, 2014

Insta Friday

Happy Friday! 
Its been a fun one here so far with a trip to the park and a free slurpee thanks to 7-11! 

I'm linking up with LifeRearranged for another week of Insta Friday.
Basically its a little glimpse into my life via the photos I've taken and put on InstaGram

These two were cracking me up last night! 
sitting and having a bedtime snack together.
Their snack of choice? frozen.peas.
strange, I know.

The Hubs is working on a neighborhood cookout this month as an outreach ministry at church.
Every Wednesday we are going "To Every Door" to meet our WestSide neighbors and invite them to the cookout. We spent a good part of Wednesday afternoon stuffing bags with fliers and literature.

G got a new carseat, so what did we do with the box?
Built a "clubhouse" of course!

Last weekend Hubs and I had a morning date...we played golf. 
Maybe I should say we attempted. I was awful. Enough said.

Wearing big sister's sunnies

She wore earrings that belonged to my grandma to church on Sunday.
Very special. After Grandma passed away, I went through some jewelry and picked these for E. Small gold hoops. 

Spent the 4th with friends...pool, cookout, and fireworks at the levee!

4th of July selfies with momma!

The whole family selfie was a fail!

G's new hot wheels track...E and Hubs are enjoying it more than he is.

Finally brought my bike up from the garage and took E on a ride. We had so much fun! I need a trailer now though so I can take both kiddos!

Train set from G's birthday...thanks Grandpa Matt! 
Its already providing so much entertainment.

Free Slurpee today!! 

 I'm a tad bit late, but had to throw these in here. G-man turned 1 last week!! We had so much fun celebrating his life and he thoroughly enjoyed his first bites of chocolate!


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