Saturday, August 28, 2010

No Other Gods

I began a new journey this morning...a journey through the Word.

From the recommendation of a friend I obtained a copy of Kelly Minter's book No Other Gods: Confronting our Modern-day Idols.

For those of you who are regular readers, you will probably get bits and pieces of the book as I continue on this journey, but after reading just the introduction and completing the first session, I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a new study.

I find that it is difficult for me to be in the Word daily when I do not have some type of a plan. With this book, She gives Scripture and it is in a 5-day 8-week study format which helps to keep me in the Word on a more consistent basis.

It is set up that you can complete the study on your own or in a small group. She actually says that she and 4 other ladies began this study together before she had even written the book and they got together for dinner one night a week, then sat in her living room and talked, prayed, etc. Hints the name "THE LIVINGROOM SERIES". It is very interesting that she points out that she did not want a stuffy study where everyone spoke Christian-eese, but she wanted a study that got right to the heart of dissatisfaction and the things that are plaguing our lives as women in the church.

I'm dying to share some of the things she said in the session that I just completed, BUT I really don't want to because I think it would be more powerful for you to dig into it yourself! The title gives away the subject of the book-idolatry.

The main question is-what do our idols look like?

I guess I will leave to you answer that one for would you define a modern-day idol?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the beginning of...

So many things!

This week has been just the beginning of several different things in my life!

1. It was the beginning of the FALL SEMESTER of classes! Woohoo!
But seriously...I was very excited to get back into the routine of going to class-that is until I realized just how tiring it was! My routine for the last month has just been to wake up whenever I desire and do whatever I desire just about all day, every day. This has definitely had to change! I think the biggest exhaustion of it is simply having to get up, get ready, and be somewhere practically all day! Not that sitting in a lecture classroom is really exerting that much energy, but just being out and about and having so much to think about! Thinking can be exhausting! :)
On the positive side, I have really enjoyed getting into classes and having my own little schedule. I seem to do much better when I have a schedule and I have a little more discipline in my life!
2. It was the beginning of a new nightly routine (my days have have my evenings!)
My sister will be the very FIRST to tell you that for the past month or so I have only been paying rent in Charleston...I have actually been living in St. Albans :)
She says this because I have been spending a lot of my time at my mom's house in the evenings because Mike has been working the closing shift at work...and who wants to sit alone in an apartment until 10 pm every night? NOT ME! So I have been spending my evenings having dinner and just hanging out with my mom and sister.
This has changed though! Since my days have been full of classes these past few days, I have actually just been coming home at night! (Actually...tonight was the first night)! I spent my day in class, went to Starbucks to get some homework done (and see that handsome hubby of mine), went to Target to pick up a few things and came home to finish homework, have some dinner, hangout with my precious Yorki-poo Zoe, and of course...spend some time sitting on the porch writing to you!
My nights are definitely going to be a little different from here on that I have lots to keep me busy at the apartment (homework and housework).
3. The weather is changing...FINALLY!
So I thought yesterday was a total fluke! I woke up to a 68 degree, slightly overcast morning. I got all ready for my day (first day of class remember) and wore what I would typically wear for an August day...a tank dress with sandals. Luckily I am usually a cold natured person so I brought along my handy jean jacket which has been my constant companion these past few weeks! Its a good thing I remembered to bring it with me, because it never warmed up like I thought it was going to! I got warm, but not in the 90's like it has been! It finally just settled somewhere around 75 degrees and partly cloudy! It was an amazing day! I was actually chilly when I was walking outside from class to class! It was GLORIOUS!
Today proved to be just as wonderful...if not more so simply because I did not anticipate another fall-ish day!
The rest of the week is supposed to be similar and I am just so excited!
Have I mentioned on here how much I LOVE FALL!?!?!
I think I have. :)
So there you have it...some simple beginnings this week that were most definitely inspiring! I predict many more posts since fall is coming (or here!) because fall tends to really inspire me and get my creative juices flowing...why is that? Not sure, but I'm excited to see what this fall brings!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I don't really know what it is that makes fall so special to me, but I know that it is! When I think about fall my heart just gets all warm and a smile appears on my face!

I think some of the reasons I love fall are...

cool weather

leaves changing colors

homey, spicey smells (usually coming from the kitchen)

trick or treat


spicey sweet pumpkin snacks



apple cider

jeans and long sleeve shirts



the just plain coziness that fall brings!

This year I am so much more excited for fall to arrive! I have already snift all of the fall scents at Yankee Candle (I am loving the Hazelnut Coffee, Spiced Pumpkin, & Vanilla Pumpkin) and the ladies in the store gave Mike a great deal on one of my favorites just the other day! I vowed I wouldn't burn it until it really was fall because I felt that it would be cheating to burn it now, but last night I broke down and burned my Spiced Pumpkin a matter of fact it is burning right now and I am absolutely loving it!

One other reason that I am so ready for fall this year is because I have been living in summer since December! After 8 months of scorching hot sunny weather, I am totally ready for a change! Those who live in places like Uganda year round are probably used to heat all the time, but my body is saying its waaayyyy past time for summer to be gone!

So its August season starts in just a few days (woohoo!)!!! School is just around the corner and the cool weather, homey smells, changing leaves, spicey sweet pumpkin snacks, and everything else will be here before I know it! So bring on FALL!
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