Friday, January 30, 2015

Adding Beauty-- {week 2}

I'm back after a week of living life in the daily mess and looking for the beauty in it! 
Here is how I have added beauty and found beauty this week!

Remember last week's post with the jewelry organization? 
Finally figured out something for my necklaces that works...for now. 

Got my first DoTerra shipment this week! 
While physical beauty isn't the forte for oils, the aromas in my house sure are beautiful! looks like my shop is ready for spring! 
These happy colored nursing scarves are delicious.

Even my little lady is creating beauty these days. 
I love watching her learn to draw and color with such great imagination.

And my favorite. 
The master bedroom is always the last place I decorate. WHY?!? 
I love when its cozy and peaceful, but its hard to make it that way...and keep it that way. 

So, thanks Target, for helping me add a little beauty to my bedroom. 
The candle holders were on clearance and the elephant (though not on sale) was too cute to pass up! 

My house might be a disaster today, but looking through these photos and seeing the beauty in my week is a great reminder that life (or your house) doesn't have to be all put together to be beautiful. Or as The Nester says, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". 


Sunday, January 25, 2015

My {short} Essential Oil Journey

This is something new for me...
I just recently (as in this week) became a Wellness Advocate for DoTerra Inc. 

Not something I even really imagined myself doing, but God continued to place the same opportunity before me at least 3 times before I finally saw it as something I needed to say, "YES" to! 

For a while I have been inundated with information on essential oils and people who use them. I, however, had not really gotten "into" oils yet...mainly because I felt totally overwhelmed with life and adding another thing to my life seemed ludicrous. I dabbled in oils here and there and even Hubs really liked when I used them for various things, but I just couldn't commit--financially or with my time. 

But, a door opened for me to jump into the oily scene and sell them as well providing me with opportunity to learn more about the various oils and their uses, provide for my family with a small income each month, and increase my family's overall health with the use of essential oils. It seemed like a winning situation all around.

So here I am! 
I'm no expert and I probably never will be, but I'm learning and sharing as I learn. 

Interested in essential oils and how they can help you and your family? 
Please ask...or visit the site below


Friday, January 23, 2015

Adding Beauty-- {week 1}

It has been a while since I shared my weekly InstaGram pics with you all. I'm back at it here today, only this time, with a little addition, if you will. 

I'm joining Gina with her AddingBeauty 2015 project. 
YOU can join too! Simply post your photos of simple beauty in your life and use hashtag #addingbeauty2015. 

Without further ado--

"Doc" fixed up Lucy Eliyah (that's the bear's name)

I'm currently loving his little chambray shirt!

Last Friday night we went out for pizza because both the kids and I had been sick earlier in the week...
little did we know that Hubs would get sick that night. 

We recovered with help from some oils! 
Also--(while I haven't received my official email yet) I am a new Wellness Advocate for DoTerra!
More on that later, I'm sure :)

New coffee sleeves for the shop--coming SOON!

All of E's "kids" were in a ballet recital...and they each had their own unique costume.

This is how he really feels about Tinker Bell...

I threw away an old mascara....he found it. 
Enough said.

This little Marshall University football jersey is just precious. 
My dad gave it to him for Christmas and it even has his name on the back!

This is E's "factory"
This girl's imagination astounds me sometimes.

Lunch time surprise from my Hubs--FLOWERS from a local shop near his office. 

I spent the better portion of yesterday organizing things...probably because 
I picked up an organizational cart at Sam's Club that is strikingly similar the ones from IKEA
like this

AND I purchased a label maker.
I'm in my happy place right now. 

I'm pretty sure this is my first post in 2015! 

I hope in this year to be able to fully savor life with my Hubs and Kiddies. 
I'm realizing more and more that these years go so quickly and I don't want to miss the everyday-special moments with my family. That's part of why I am participating with Gina in Adding Beauty 2015. Interested in joining in with us? Check out the original Adding Beauty post and have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Seedling Swap Party

Last Spring I decided to host a Seedling Swap party. You know, you always plant so many of the same seed and then have 15 pepper plants and no tomatoes? Yeah. That's me. 
To remedy that I invited friends to come and we swapped the seedlings that we had grown. It was a tea so we enjoyed swapping plants and sipping tea in the backyard. 

The seedling swap turned into my sister's birthday party later that evening. I left up the decor and tables and we had birthday cake! 


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Amazing Race Birthday Party

For Hubs' last few birthdays we have had "interactive" parties--ballroom dance lessons for our friends at our house was one!

This year, I decided on an Amazing Race scavenger hunt. Talk. About. FUN.

The prize-- 600 Grand and a little traveling gnome trophy :)

Everyone was sent instructions ahead of time for what color they should wear. But they didn't find out their team mates until they arrived at the party. 

Purple Team

Green team!

Blue Team!

Red Team!

There were places around town that each team was to visit and tasks they had to complete. While each team had to visit the same places, they were arranged in a different order and you were not allowed to open the next envelope until the task you were on was completed. 

It was really fun and people were pretty cooperative in helping us complete our tasks. the green team won. 
The creator of the game. 
Totally not rigged, I promise!

We celebrated with cupcakes afterwards! 

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