Friday, March 28, 2014


I'm at it again this week! Linking up with life.rearranged for insta-friday! 
these are some of my instagram photos from the week. 
I'm ervinlady on instagram if you want to follow along all the time :)

park play-date last Friday
such a beautiful sunny day!
after the park we made a target run where I grabbed a latte on 
the way out the door.
this was how I spent nap time.
game of Settlers of Catan with our neighbors on Friday night!
lunch with my sister on Sunday
she gave Little E her birthday gift.
its too funny to see such a little thing with hair that long!
this jewel of a book came this week.
seriously, girls, its challenging me on every page! 
I basically highlighted the entire third chapter.
"When we relegate our fellowship with other women to discussions
of fleeting things and avoid talking about how eternity is pressing on our heart,
we're not doing ourselves or our friends any favors."
teething necklaces!
a couple of these are up in the shop already
but I am planning a bigger "launch" of my new shop next week!
stay tuned!
yesterday's yogurt catastrophe!
I left him alone with some puffs for a few minutes...
came back and he had somehow reached his yogurt bowl and
dumped it everywhere trying to get a bite. 
got him cleaned up and while he was still sitting in the bathtub, he pooped everywhere.
seriously, G-man! I guess that's just a boy for ya!

It's a rainy Friday here, but we aren't going to let that keep us from enjoying it! 
Its a cleaning day with a little fun throughout! 

Hope you enjoy your Friday and your weekend!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

finding beauty--week 2

Looking for beauty in the daily grind...searching for joy in the mundane.
Week 2 

quick lunch with my sister on Sunday
thankful for a few minutes to spend with her

remnants of lunch

window markers + capri sun

sharpening colored pencils

cleaning out desk drawers
big mess, but love results

baby G-man with his post-breakfast mess

first seed that sprouted!

reading&playing in a messy room...
that's just life :)


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Welcome to another week of What I Wore Wednesday! 
Each week I post some of the outfits I wore that week. Really, its just a way to keep me accountable to get out of  yoga pants (although sometimes you'll see those one here!) and put on some "real" clothes. 

i'm linking up my photos again this week with

Friday-Park play date and Target run
V-neck Tee--Target (a long time ago)
Jeans- Express (second hand)
Teething Necklace-- handmade by me
Shoes-- Sperry's

Saturday--park play date with my sister and her girls, birthday party, going-away party
Tank- Target (on clearance last week!) 
Jeans- Ann Taylor Loft trouser jeans
Teething necklace--handmade by me
Shoes--Sperry's (not pictured...but that's what I wore!)

Sunday-- Hubs preached at a church about 2 hours from home. I needed something cute and semi-comfy to wear in the car on the ride there and home. 

White shirt- GAP
Boyfriend Cardi-- Gabe's
Jean Skirt- GAP (several years ago) 
Boots- Christmas gift from my mom

Tuesday--Stayed home and had lunch with a good friend

Shirt--GAP (gift from Hubs yesterday! yay for new Spring clothes!)
Cami--GAP (a long time ago)
Jeans-- Express
Shoes--I was home all day so I don't think I ever put shoes on! Ha!

What have you been wearing? 


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Panera, Rapunzel, and Aunt B

This weekend was a full one for us. Saturday was filled with visiting, birthday parties, and a going-away party. Sunday the Hubs preached at a small church a few hours from us. My younger sister lives fairly close so she met up with us for lunch.
E's birthday was earlier this month and Aunt B didn't get to make it in town for the she brought her gift along. And, boy, was E every thrilled!

a pink feather boa for playing dress up.
she liked it, but not near as much as she liked...

her Rapunzel wig! 
It looks really smooth and beautiful here, but she took the braid out and now its really tangled. Anyone know a good trick for getting it un-tangled? I've heard condition or fabric softener mixed with water...we'll see!

Not sure what was so upsetting, but he really does love his Aunt B! :) 

Sunday was a fun day! We loved visiting with Aunt B and Kevin. 
E adored her gift and wants to wear her hair everywhere! 

We love you Aunt B
We need more time with you...and maybe a girls day (sorry Kevin).


Friday, March 21, 2014



welcome to instafriday! each week I link up my instagram photos from the week
I am ervinlady on instagram if you'd like to follow

some days he has trouble napping...momma snuggles 
always help. while I get upset that it interrupts my plans sometimes,
I know these moments will be gone I'm trying to
fully embrace and enjoy them.

happy baby G Man!
you guys, he wants to crawl SO bad! I wouldn't be surprised if he started today. 
he's trying so hard.

we went to see the Children's Theater of Charleston's production of
The Little Mermaid. 
some friends of ours were in's Little Lady with one of 
Ariel's sisters. 

Last Friday we enjoyed a family walk in the semi-warm weather. 
Hubs gets off early on Fridays and we love taking advantage of the 
extra time in the evening! G-man loves sleeping in the Ergo.

Yesterday was gorgeous! Today is supposed to be about 10* warmer!
We spent the majority of the day outside. Played at the park at the end of our block in the morning,
then after nap we blew bubbles and drew with sidewalk chalk. 
We've been working on writing the letter "E". 
So, E practiced on the sidewalk yesterday. Pretty good for a just-turned-3-year-old. :)

When Hubs got home we finished off our celebration of "1st day of Spring" with frozen yogurt before dinner. Yes, BEFORE dinner! :) 

Today is Fun Friday, so we are planning to go to the park with some friends. Its going to be a beautiful day, so honestly, who knows what else we'll get into! 
Then its home for homemade pizza dinner (typical Friday tradition) and a game of 
Settlers of Catan with friends. 

Happy Fun Friday to you! 

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