Thursday, November 7, 2013

Family night...

And compassionate hearts.

Last night was our family night. We spent the evening eating garbanzo bean stew, enjoying kettle corn, and watching Brave. None of us had seen it and Little E kept talking about it after seeing a Brave ornament in a Hallmark catalog. I checked it out from the library so we could watch it tonight.

We had a great evening just enjoying one another.

The one thing that stood out tonight was Little E's compassionate and tender heart. At the end of the movie--Spoiler Alert!!-- right before the mom changes back into a human, E began, bawling. It was when the princess was telling her mom how much she loved her and in tears. Little E cried for about 10 minutes and just wanted to cuddle. We talked with her a bit and it was obvious that she was simply moved with compassion during that scene. That happened the first time she watchedCinderella's  dress get ripped by the step-sisters, too. was sweet. I am so thankful for her tenderness and ease of showing emotion. I told her that I hoped she would never lose that quality. It is special. Rare. Beautiful. 

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