Friday, February 7, 2014

Let's catch up

Go ahead and grab yourself a cup of coffee. I'll wait for you. 

Ok. Ready? 

There is so much for us to catch up on! So much has been going on in my life, and yours as well I'm sure! To be honest, the last few months have felt like I've been on auto-pilot just barely surviving the daily demands of life as a wife and mother of two littles. 

Feelings of not being "enough" or not getting enough accomplished (yes, I'm definitely a type-A, doer, kind of person) have been persistent. God, however, is working through those feelings. He has brought me to so many wonderful books that are speaking to me in this season and giving me hope. Hope in knowing my calling (guess what?!? Its different than that of others I know. And that's ok! Comparison is SO my enemy. But that's a whole post in itself). Hope in knowing that this season won't always be here (and that I will miss it when its gone). Hope in knowing he will sustain me in this season!

This season of sacrifice is so difficult for my selfish heart. 
I want to be doing something BIG with my life. Something with purpose. Something that means something! 
Praise God for opening my eyes yesterday to the fact that my calling does have significance. I might not be speaking to hundreds of people, or ushering many into worship, or serving those in great need throughout the world or my city, but I am changing lives. 

Jennie Allen's book Restless is one that I am working through now. She made a statement that stuck with me after I read yesterday. 

I'm not quoting, but basically she said that in the little years she had to change diapers so her kids could change the world. 

Did you get that?

Someone has to change these babies' diapers so that they can change the world!

That's a perspective changer! 

HUGE purpose! I looked at my babes in a new way after reading that. 

Gideon (Warrior), how are you going to turn the world upside down for Jesus?
Eliyah (Yahweh is my God), where is God going to use you and your unique, fun personality to bring others to himself?

And my calling is to prepare them for what he has planned for them! 

Is it mundane? Yes.
Is it hard? Absolutely! 
Is it seemingly-thankless? Some days...most days.
Is it significant? You better believe it! 

So, Mommas--be encouraged. Your ministry to your family is bigger than you can imagine...even when it seems tiny compared to what others around you are doing. Be faithful in the "little" things, because they become the big things.


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