Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hey ladies! 
We're on vacation this week.
Hubs took Little E to the pool and G-man is taking his morning nap, which means I have some quiet and a cup of coffee and the laptop! 

So who wants to see what I've been wearing lately? 
Honestly, nothing spectacular. But I think that's part of being a momma. Thankfully I have gotten dressed each day. The take-a-picture part is the part I don't usually remember to do. 
These are over the last couple of weeks. I remembered twice in 3 weeks! Ha!

Shopping with a friend one evening. Been a long time since I have actually gone intentionally shopping for myself. It was fun! And I scored a couple of cute things for Fall which I'm really excited about. 

Tank--Old Navy (Gabriel Brothers find, I think)
Cardi-- Mossimo (found at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago)
Black Shorts-- clearance at Ann Taylor Loft last month

I think I wore my red braided sandals which I know I've posted pics of before.
Necklace is old...had it since high school I think but I still love it. Its a staple in my accessories.
Not even sure what I did this day. I assume running errands and prepping for vacation. 

Same black shorts as above. Really, the $10 I spent on them has already been well worth it! 
White Tee-- Target. Just recently bought it when I realized I didn't have a plain white t-shirt that I liked. How did I live so long without a white t-shirt?!? I feel like my mom always had several and always said it was a wardrobe staple. So yeah, I might be turning into her. :) 

Necklace-- bought in Uganda 4 years ago while we were there and I still love it. Unique and colorful addition to the simple black and white. 

Thanks for checking in!
Now, I'm back to my regularly scheduled vacation!
See you here in a few days for InstaFriday!

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