Friday, January 8, 2016

January Currently

happy 2016! 

I figured I'd begin this new year off with a January currently post. 
I'm linking up with Goldandbloovm for this fun post to talk about what is currently happening in my life in 5 simple areas! 
Here we go! 

{resolving} this year I decided to choose one little word (more about that coming next week). I took several weeks and prayed through what that word should be. If  its a word that is going to define and influence my entire year, I want it to be meaningful and be life giving to me and those around me. The word I felt God continually pointing me to this year is "REST". Both physical and spiritual rest....resting physically from the hurriedness of life and simply resting in Christ for the direction, strength, and grace I need each day. And like I said...come back next week for a more detailed post all about this year of "REST"

{reading} right now I am reading Fit to Burst  by Rachel Jankovic. I purchased it on kindle a while back and finally (after the move) found my kindle and charged it up. I love the short but meaningful chapters in this book! If you're a momma of littles, its a recommended read for sure! I am also trying to complete Modern Mrs. Darcy's 2016 Reading Challenge this year. 12 books in one year. I think I can do it...I think!

{organizing} everything! we moved so close to the holidays and I was so wiped out by this pregnancy that nothing got done well or in an organized manner. Now I'm spending a lot of time getting this put where I want them and figuring out what works well for our new space. Its a lot of work! 

{loving} podcasts. If you know me in real life at all, you know that I talk about things I hear on podcasts all the time. Maybe its the stage of life I am in--surrounded by littles all day--but I really enjoy eavesdropping listening in on other people's conversations. A few that I absolutely adore and  listen to each week are: 
*The God Centered Mom PodCast
*MudStories Podcast
*SortaAwesome Podcast
*Inspired to Action Podcast (but she hasn't had a new episode in a while). 

{craving} this should be easy since I'm pregnant, right? Well...sometimes I crave things and other times I don't, but with this pregnancy its been all. the. carbs. (if it is a sweet carb...cookie, muffin, etc...even better). and also ice cold water. I guess I get more easily dehydrated when pregnant than I typically would so I seem to be wanting cold water and/or ice all the time. 

That's what I'm currently up to in real life! 
Of course there's more, but its so fun to focus on a few specific areas and delve into things I rarely think about. I hardly ever stop to think about what I'm really loving. This is a good practice to keep up (preaching to myself here)! 

Head on over to Goldandbloom to see what others around the blog-o-sphere are currently up to!



  1. I love your word of the year! Rest is so important, and I really need to do more of it as well. I hope you have a blessed and restful new year!

    Thanks for linkingup!

  2. I've got to check out this reading challenge! And I've been way into podcasts lately too. One of my current favorites is The Girl Next Door. Thanks for linking up!


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