Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Currently

February is now in full swing! The ground hog didn't see his shadow, so we are hoping for an early Spring! Today I'm linking up with Gold and Bloom to share my February "Currently"! This is always a fun post to think through, write and share with you! This month I'm sharing what I am -sending-eating-dreaming-smelling-hearting. 

sending... emojis. it seems like almost every time I send a text message I am tempted to put a little smiling emoji in it. I've been trying not to do it too often that annoying for there to be a smiley with every text? yes. I think so. 

eating... less sugary treats. more fruit. blueberries in particular are my favorite right now although they are a bit more expensive than in summer months. I splurge a little every few weeks and pick up a pint for myself. 

dreaming... about Spring. This winter has been nice--warmer with one major snow. Just how I like it. Now we can move on to warmer weather and sunshine (and baby's due date)!

smelling... my morning coffee. candles (I've been lighting more around the house lately in attempt to bring a little cheer to the dreariness of winter). fretting falling rain.

hearting... Sally Clarkson's new book The Life Giving Home that I got on my doorstep yesterday. Spotify playlist Hymns for Hipsters (check it out). 

I pray you are enjoying this first week of February and looking forward to what God has in store for you and your family this month! Don't forget...its LEAP YEAR! 
Happy February!



  1. Dreaming of spring too. I can't wait for warmer weather :) I am smelling my morning coffee & I am so sad that it is gone now! I hate that! Have a great day!

    xoxo Alexis @

  2. I'm trying to eat less sugary treats as well. It's really hard with kids! I am also enjoying my smelly candles. They definitely brighten the house. And yes, I can't wait for spring! I'm grateful that we didn't have lots of snow (minus Jonas!) but I really can't stand the cold.

  3. I'm guilty of the emoji thing too! I think it bring more excitement to the texts, haha

  4. Going to check out that Hymns for Hipsters playlist right now! Sounds right up my alley. And I'm right there with you dreaming about spring! Warmer weather please!

  5. I know, I always worry about being an adult using emojis too much, but sometimes they just say exactly what you need, right? I feel exactly the same way about this winter/spring situation... and I'm intrigued by this hymns for hipsters playlist. Thanks for the suggestion and for linking up!


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