Friday, March 3, 2017

Beauty in the Tiniest Space

I've mentioned a few times here how much I enjoy creating beauty and a welcoming place both in my home and in other arenas. A place where people can feel at ease...where they can "let their hair down" and take their shoes off...where they can feel the peace that Holy Spirit brings. 

That's something I enjoy and seek to bring to my home not just for outsiders who come in (although I love to do that!) , but for my family in particular. We all need a place to land after a hard day or even an easy day! A place where we are comfortable and feel loved. A place where we can taste and see that the Lord is good! God created such a beautiful world and my desire is to create spaces of beauty for my family (and others) to see reflections of God's love in the beauty, love, and peace flowing from our home. 

I recognized recently that while I enjoy creating beautiful spaces, I haven't shared much of our space here on the blog. That's about to change (for more than one reason). Today I'm taking a few moments to show you EvieGrace's nursery. I know some people don't really do a nursery or space for baby, but I feel strongly that each of my children have a space that is theirs even from birth. My older two share a space currently, but they each have their "sacred space" that the other isn't permitted to be in without permission. There's something special about a space of their own. 

Its the smallest room in our house. Absolutely tiny. Some people have walk-in closest bigger than her room. But its one of my favorite spaces in this house. I didn't have a huge budget to work with (my husband lost his job just 3 months before she was born, remember?) but I worked with what I had and used a few Etsy gift cards from her baby shower to add some finishing touches! 

I love that the two windows take up almost all the wall space! They let in SO much light and I absolutely love to see the sun pop through the windows every day!

I decided I really loved the coral/mint/gold color scheme, so that's what we went with. I'm not a huge fan of "matchy-matchy" or even themed rooms. I tend to lean more toward eclectic which is probably good since I usually have to piece-meal things together using what I already have to make it work for a tight budget. 

The crib is the one we have used for all three babies. The little coral table I picked up at Salvation Army thrift store months ago for the master bedroom. I spray painted it coral and then decided it would fit perfectly in this room. It gives us some table space without taking up too much room. 

The lamp was a Target special (around $10) I think. In the evenings as the sun goes down, I love the soft glow of the lamp as opposed to overhead lighting. 

Polka dot decals on the wall add just the right touch! The best part? I already had them! They came in a package I used for our Master bedroom in our previous apartment. I pulled them out of storage and popped them on the wall! 

I made the mobile with an inexpensive embroidery hoop, strips of fabric/ribbon/lace, and hot glue gun. I love it! 
(I even made one for Eliyah's room too).

Since the room is so tiny, we only had space for the changing table (G-ma has the chest of drawers from this set). The basket on the table was one we had laying around that I spray painted white and the shelf above was a wedding gift from years ago that I repurposed for this space. 

On the shelf I put her little gold shoes (because they are adorable), a succulent (artificial) from the Target Dollar Spot, and the canvas that I created using leftover fabric from the mobile and Modge Podge. 

The changing pad cover came from Etsy and its probably one of my favorite pieces in the room along with the canvas print I picked up at Gabriel Brothers for $8!  

You see the rocking chair? 
It used to be ugly. I mean, I loved it! I did...just not the way it looked.
My  mother-in-law gave it to use when Eliyah was had been hers. This time around, I decided to paint it and I just adore how it turned out! The cushions have been waiting to be recovered or replaced entirely for about a year, but that's optional at this point. They aren't my favorite but they work for now! 

This tiny space isn't anything fancy or expensive, but it makes me happy. It brings a bit of happiness and welcome to our home. Rocking EvieGrace in that room or just having my coffee in there while I nurse her in the mornings brings joy to me. It isn't perfect, but isn't that the beauty of it? We can enjoy beauty even when it isn't perfect. Like The Nester says, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." 


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