Saturday, August 28, 2010

No Other Gods

I began a new journey this morning...a journey through the Word.

From the recommendation of a friend I obtained a copy of Kelly Minter's book No Other Gods: Confronting our Modern-day Idols.

For those of you who are regular readers, you will probably get bits and pieces of the book as I continue on this journey, but after reading just the introduction and completing the first session, I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a new study.

I find that it is difficult for me to be in the Word daily when I do not have some type of a plan. With this book, She gives Scripture and it is in a 5-day 8-week study format which helps to keep me in the Word on a more consistent basis.

It is set up that you can complete the study on your own or in a small group. She actually says that she and 4 other ladies began this study together before she had even written the book and they got together for dinner one night a week, then sat in her living room and talked, prayed, etc. Hints the name "THE LIVINGROOM SERIES". It is very interesting that she points out that she did not want a stuffy study where everyone spoke Christian-eese, but she wanted a study that got right to the heart of dissatisfaction and the things that are plaguing our lives as women in the church.

I'm dying to share some of the things she said in the session that I just completed, BUT I really don't want to because I think it would be more powerful for you to dig into it yourself! The title gives away the subject of the book-idolatry.

The main question is-what do our idols look like?

I guess I will leave to you answer that one for would you define a modern-day idol?

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  1. It sounds GREAT!!! Let me know how it goes. I have this problem with having entirely too many books to read and not enough time... Maybe I can just not read the text books and read all kinds of other ones :P


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