Monday, September 27, 2010


So right now I am putting off working on homework...I'm sitting in the computer lab at school waiting on my next class to start (in about 1.5 hours!) I really should be working on some assignments that are due in the next few days, BUT its obvious that I am not! :) I figure while I'm stalling I should do something productive, so I thought I would write.
But...what about?!?
How about...just life today!
Its been wonderful! Went to bed on a very cool evening and woke up to a rainy chilly morning (which I loved)!
Zoe (my beloved yorki-poo) and I decided to go for a little walk through the city and over to "magic island"...praying the whole way that it wouldn't start to rain on us!
We made it, sound, and dry about 40 minutes after we began our little adventure!
At this point, I began to get ready for my know, shower, brush teeth, fix hair...all that hooplah! I also decided that I wanted some hot tea to take with me to class...typically I am not a huge tea drinker, but for some reason I wanted some this morning! So I looked in the cabinet and Mike had brought home an assortment of Tazo Teas from the Bux...I decided to try the Organge Chai. Let me just say it was delicious! :)
I also put pictures up on FACEBOOK from Mike's birthday last weekend and our little day trip to Evans Orchard in Georgetown, KY this that was a fun day (and a post all its own...once I get pics up here!)
So off to class I go! It really hasn't been bad today..pretty interesting lectures and such, but with it being so rainy and chilly all I really want to do is go home, put on some sweats, bake some cookies and take nap (cuddling with Mike and Zoe of course).
So now, I am just sitting here wait on class to start...I should probably start on that homework that seems to be a never ending pile!
You know...sometimes I look at my days and how I spend my time and feel that it is somehow futile...but really its just life. It may not be extremely exciting all the time but I am enjoying it! Writing about my day today has actually caused me to look back on it and be very thankful for the type of life that God has blessed me with. I am not over worked, over stressed, under-fed, homeless, etc. As a matter of fact, I am extremely blessed with what I do have! So...thats the thought for today! :) on to homework....

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