Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Every year when I was growing up my mom would host a Christmas Cookie Party! Sometimes it would include aunts and cousins, sometimes friends, and sometimes just Mom, Bekah, and me! Talk about a fun time! We have so many fun and crazy memories from those cookie parties! I think maybe that is why I simply love baking around the holidays!

Some of our staples were sugar cookie cut outs with homemade icing (a favorite of mine I must much fun to decorate!), peanut butter kiss cookies (Mom's all-time fav!), plain peanut butter cookies (for Dad who doesn't like chocolate...crazy I know, but he doesn't), fudge, Chex Mix, and sometimes hard candy. Most of the things we make have recipes that have been in the family since before I was born! We have occasionally added some other goodies like chocolate covered pretzels and puppy chow, but we seem to always stick with the basics!

This isn't a picture of our cookies, I just found this one online because we haven't had our baking day yet! :)

As Mike and I begin new traditions for our growing family, I want to keep the Christmas baking alive with the traditional things we make, but also add some new things in there too!

I would love to hear what some of YOUR family's Christmas baking traditions and recipes are!


  1. Hi Rachel! Every year we get together with a group of our friends and our kids and decorate gingerbread houses. Then, we eat chili, have cookies and visit. No one ever wants to leave! I also love decorating sugar cookies...just hate rolling them out!

  2. Rachel, One of my favorite memories of baking at Christmas is of little girls - hands covered with dough and flour (and sprinkles and sugar) - cutting out cookies - and promising to clean up the mess. The first year they cleaned up the mess was hilarious! When they went to bed (it was a tree-decorating, cookie-making slumber party), Granny recleaned the kitchen - with a smile on her face (and now a tear in her eye). Those girls are all grown up and starting traditions of their own. Aren't Christmas memories wonderful!? luvu Gran


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