Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finals and free cupcakes!

Its finals week...so that means lots of studying and writing here in the Ervin Household...especially today! Tomorrow is my last day of finals and I have 2 papers to hand in and 2 exams to take!
Today I took a final and then Mike and I spent some time together! That sweet man of mine took me to Taylor Books and got me coffee so I could work on my two papers without the distractions of laundry, dishes piling up in the sink, the list goes on and on!
While we were there, we were pleasantly surprised by a FREE cupcake! This wasn't just any cupcake either...it was a vanilla cream cupcake and it was fabulous! The lady who makes them owns a business called For Goodness Cakes (cute name huh?). Taylors sells her cupcakes and she was there to do an interview with the local newspaper! After the photographer got a photo of her and all her yummy creations she gave one to each person in the shop!

It went great with my coffee!

Oh! Another interesting thing is that the lady who owns the business is a Christian! The cupcake was delicious, but I also know that it was a providential blessing from my Jesus! He used that sweet lady to brighten up my evening as I sat there staring at the computer screen for hours!

Thank you, Lord, for little surprises that help make writing papers more enjoyable :)

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