Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last year at this time, we were celebrating Valentine's Day in our little hut in Uganda!

That evening will probably be a memory that stands out in my mind for a long time. Because we were out in the bush of Africa we obviously didn't have any Russell-Stover candies in a heart shaped box, or even any red roses (or as I prefer--Gerber Daisies), but it was one of the best Valentine's celebrations we've ever had.

It was a Sunday which meant that the kitchen staff was off and we were on our own for dinner. We went to the market on Saturday to get everything we needed to prepare dinner! Mike bought some tortilla chips (well tortilla-like chips) from one of the families that was selling them. Keith and LB graciously picked up some meet for us while in Kamapala.

Our menu for the night was TACO SALAD! :)

It was probably one of the best taco salads I have ever made...simply because of all the fresh ingredients!

We obvioulsy didn't have a Hallmark down the street, so we made each others cards (and a big THANK YOU to Granny who sent a package with heart stickers in it for us to use!) and just spent the evening together.

Even though we didn't have all the flowers, candy, and cards that we would have here in the States, it was definitely a romantic evening because we had to be creative to show our love for each other. It wasn't as easy as driving to Target and buying a gift.

This year we are celebrating our last Valentine's Day without children, and Mike has surprised me with a night at Stonewall Jackson Resort! We haven't really been away since our 3 day beach trip in August, so we are truly excited to be getting away from our apartment for a night!

My hope for myself, and my challenge for you, is that we make celebrating Valentine's Day special because of our love for one another and not because it is a holiday that everyone celebrates. Take time to think about how you could make your loved ones feel loved in a unique and creative way today. :)

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