Monday, June 27, 2011

roll-ups and granola bars

I've been in the kitchen for a little while this morning! I decided to go ahead and pre-make Wednesday's dinner and try my hand at some homemade granola bars.

I got this great recipe for Southwest Roll-ups from to make for dinner on Wednesday evening. I modified the recipe a little bit (left out the cheese), but I assume they will be delicious just the same! I only made 6 roll-ups though. I thought I was half-ing the recipe so I should have made 8, but because I left out the cheese and put more filling in each wrap I only ended up with 6. For our family of 2, that should be 1 dinner for 2, and enough left for a lunch for both of us as well. I wrapped them up and put them in the freezer until Wednesday!

I also decided to try making granola bars. I love granola bars and probably spend too much money purchasing store bought, pre-packaged ones. I got a recipe from Joyful Abode. Once again, I made modifications to the recipe (I seem to be completely unable to just follow the recipe as it is). I used only a little bit of brown sugar and honey, and substituted some Agave. My bars have no dried fruit (because I am currently out), but instead contain pistachios and coconut. I typically wouldn't use pistachois in my baking because they are expensive, but I had some that were given to me as a gift and they were about to be completely stale. They are still cooling, so I am not sure if they turned out, but I will let you know! I am hoping that making my own, and packaging my own, will save us a little bit of money this month. We'll see! Making granola bars may become a new item on my weekly list!


  1. Rachel,
    I'm loving your blog. I keep getting great ideas for recipes and I like the change in direction!

  2. Wow thanks Miss Kelli! :)
    Hope you are having a good summer...oh and by the way- the Southwest Roll-ups were a hit at my house, but the granola bars were a little too sticky! Next time, I will stick to the recipe 100% :)


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