Saturday, June 25, 2011

saving...when there's not much extra

My family lives on a pretty tight budget these days so that I am able to be home to care for and raise our precious little lady! Living on one income can be very tough at times. We really want to put money away in our savings account for a rainy day (or a larger purchase like a house some day), but putting away a large chunk of money each month is nearly impossible on our budget!

So I started thinking...putting away a little bit (even just a few dollars) each month is better than nothing right? Right!

We have this change jar. You might have one too! Mike is always putting the extra change from his pockets or pennies found in the couch cushions in this jar...its actually more like a cup. Typically the change just stays there or gets used for parking when we drive downtown, but now there is a new purpose for this cup of change--its our savings for the month!

Each month we plan to roll the change and deposit it into our savings account. We will roll everything we can and leave the extras for the next month. I called the bank to see if they had a coin counter and they don't, but the very nice woman I spoke with recommended rolling the change rather than taking it to a coin counting machine that charges to change your coins to bills. Your bank may have a coin counter that would make depositing your change much easier! Its definitely worth calling about. If not, the bank will give you the wrappers for rolling your coins (at least mine did).

So, its not much, but this month we are putting $28.50 into our savings account. Better than nothing! And it really took no time at all! I sat down this morning with my coffee, pandora, change, and wrappers and rolled all the coins. Any amount that was too small to be rolled was put back in the cup to wait for next month's rolling!

Just an idea to help you find a way to save something...rather than nothing...on a tight budget!

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