Friday, June 29, 2012

Conflicted in Color

I'm super excited for this week's Fill in the Blank Friday 
with Lauren


Now this will be fun! 
I've always said my favorite color is 

Now, come on, does it get much cuter than that?
Right--that's what I thought! 
Green is absolutely adorable! I painted my room green when I was in high school,
my daughter's room was green prior to the move, and I have a pair of green flats from Target that I paid $12 for about 3 years ago! Yep, best $12 I've spent :)

But recently, I've noticed a strange new trend in my life...things are starting to change color...
That's right...I think my sub-conscience favorite color is purple. 
Ladies, I'm talking everything from my cell phone (old broke) to my flat iron to my shoes and even a purse! I have been picking out things that are purple without even recognizing the trend until recently!
And I'm sure you can see why...  

Now I said it couldn't get much cuter than the green, but look at this stunning purple! 
Adorable and that possible? 
Oh, but gets so much better when you...

put purple and green together!

I'm speechless...

not for long though! 

I'm totally thinking about the next little gathering I have now...I should make it purple and green. 

So there you have first I thought I was conflicted in my favorite color..the color I choose and the color my "non thinking" mind chooses, until I realized how perfectly they go together! Now that's what I call team work :)

Have a wonderful COLORFUL Friday!


1 comment:

  1. I've always said my favorite color is green! Growing up, my room was green and pink:-) I'm loving adding a splash of purple into the mix! xoxo


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