Monday, June 11, 2012

settling in...kind of

We made it! We survived the move and are now getting settled in at our new place...well sort of. 
See, here's the thing. Like every other place we have ever lived, this one is also temporary. The apartment we just move out of was where we have lived the longest (2 years); every other place has been roughly a year or less. Same with this new house...we will be here roughly a year and then we get to pack it all up and move on to another adventure. 

Do you think we're crazy? Because, seriously, sometimes (like this weekend) I do! 

Why is it that God keeps us moving around, not ever really feeling settled in a place? It seems like just the time we start to get that "comfortable" feeling, He moves us. At our apartment we were just getting to really know some of the neighbors and feel like we were "at home" and God placed this house in our path. Believe me, we didn't go easily! We were basically kicking and screaming. We originally said, "no" when the opportunity presented itself, but as time went on, God kept bringing it back to us to "reconsider" and we kept saying no. We didn't have a peace until we said, "yes" to what He had for us. 

So why would we not want to move from our tiny 2-bedroom in a bad part of town to a 3-bedroom (with a huge kitchen/living space) in one of the nicest neighborhoods in a local suburb? Honestly, it required more faith. Seems strange, I know. But, here's the deal. We could have basically stayed at the apartment indefinitely. With this house, we have exactly 1 year until we know we will have to move again. To where? We don't know! Staying at the old place would have been more comfortable because we knew (or thought we knew) that we could still be there for the next few years. No packing, no moving, no finding a new place, no need to trust God with that area of our lives. 

So this move, is a step of faith. 
It is a season.
It is the next step our family needed to take to be moved out of our comfort zone, because honestly we felt more comfortable in an urban setting than we do in a suburban one. (I know that is strange in our cultural context). 

Here we are...trying to live in this moment (and not get frustrated thinking that everything I am unpacking will go back in the boxes at this time next year). We don't know where God will take us from here, but we know we can trust him. Besides, this move wasn't nearly as crazy as moving to Africa was! :)



  1. Stoping by from Life Lately! It's so amazing that you're able to move around like that. It takes a ton of strength and patience :)

  2. I can't stand moving, so I just don't know how you do it. We're still living in our tiny, little house, because I couldn't muster up the energy to pack and move to a bigger house.
    I envy that you can pack up and go!
    Stopping by from Life Lately! :)

  3. rachel, in the past 5 or 6 years i have moved almost 10 times. being one who needs a lot of stability n sameness t feel sane, this was so hard at first. i can totally relate to the frustrated feeling of becoming comfortable, finding that niche n finally getting some closeness in relationships...just to leave n start all over. so hard at first. i distanced myself from God for a while cause i wasnt sure i could trust him t keep promises he seemed to have broken. rough times. but u know, moving has become easier, ive become much more confident as moving pushed me t be independent n more outgoing. i am better for it but still do long for that stability. just wanted t say that i understand and also that u may feel pleased later with the good that may come from all this instability. one time a friend told me, "if anything, this will make it easier for u t long for that final rest in heaven n feel less attached t earthly permanence" whih is really an illusion anywhere. peace to u during this confusingness

  4. *"which is really just an illusion anyway."*

  5. oh my goodness, life is crazy! So glad we have a God who brings peace and an ultimate plan:-) xoxo

  6. Gosh I just hate moving, I always misplace things in the move that never seem to surface again (like my iPod!!!) its rough! Good luck with it all!!

    Thanks for linking up with Life Lately!!

    The Weekend File


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