Friday, November 9, 2012

A lovely weekend

Happy Friday ya'll! 
May you enjoy today and the coming weekend!

1.  I like   chocolate, peanut butter, cookies, coffee, cozy blankets, hot showers, good books, building relationships, spending time with people I love, long walks, the beach  .

2.  A life goal of mine is   to live a life that is for the sake of the gospel. This includes so many things: building into people, allowing others to build into me, living in community, pointing my children to Christ, loving my husband through fulfilling my biblical role, etc   .

3.  The last thing you would ever expect me to like (even though I secretly do) is   crocheting. I had someone comment last week about how you don't see many people "my age" doing that .

4. Some wise words that I love are    not exactly quotes, but things that I try to keep in mind--Let go of expectations because they will destroy your joy. Don't complain about something you can't change--complaining only robs you! 

5. Most mornings you will find me   rushing around to get ready, eat breakfast, and get out the door by 6:30. After December 7, that will change and life will *hopefully* be a little more slow-paced.

6. Right now I am super into   Christmas. My mind has been reeling with things to prepare, bake, etc. I am so excited for Christmas music!.

7.  Right now I am super over  school. I am SO ready for graduation next month  .

Wishing you and your family a happy weekend! 

P.S.- I have Christmas on the brain! Be on the lookout for some of my Christmas-y thoughts and ideas :)


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  1. I love to crochet and other "old person" things! It is relaxing and I am so proud of the finished product!

    Visiting from


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