Friday, March 1, 2013

a week of birthdays!

We've celebrated one, will celebrate one tonight, and another on Sunday! Whew! 
I'm trying to convince one of these people in my family to switch their birthday to a different time of year...this is a whole lot of celebrating and cake eating for one week! 

Don't misunderstand--I LOVE birthdays! 
Here's the thing--Our family finds any reason we can to celebrate something...seriously. Ask any boy that has dated my sister. Almost every one has made mention of the fact that we celebrate  a lot!
So three birthdays in one week means lots of partying.

I've done other things this week too...

birthday celebration decor crafting for Miss E's 2nd birthday! 
(Anyone know where the last year went?)

Cleaning out OLD things at my parent's house...
How old is that bag? Probably as old as ME!

She really was excited. You just can't tell. 
Grandpa Matt brought back a cool, new bib from the Daytona 500! 
He always brings home fun prizes (yes...we call everything a "prize"...again, ask sister's boyfriend).

So, while driving I realized my odometer hit 111,111! 
How cool is that? Of course I had to capture the moment! :) 

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I'll be linking up with LifeRearranged this week for Insta-Friday!
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