Friday, August 2, 2013


It was another fun, crazy, wonderful week at our house! 
Here's a glance at our week in photos

I'm linking up with Jeanette again this week for Insta-Friday!

As we were getting out of the car one evening, we heard drums at the
Capitol Complex (across the street). E thought it was a parade so we decided
to go check it out. We found this. A group of amazing drummers warming up for the
Drums Across the Tristate festival that is happening this week. 
It was a blast to watch and E just kept dancing, jumping, and clapping. She LOVED it!

I enjoyed lots of snuggles with this little 1-month-old this week!
We had some amazingly cool mornings for a WV July and we took the opportunity to use the 
porch as much as possible...mornings are the BEST!

Spur-of-the-moment raid of The Hubs' uncle's garden. 
This was our loot! 
I froze 3 bags of tomatoes and 6 bags of green beans! 

My wonderful friend picked up a bottle of coffee creamer for me (a rarity here folks). 
I typically drink my coffee black and since the Hubs is dairy-free, it doesn't make sense to purchase cream
just for me. I gladly took the gift of Girl Scout Cookie Samoa cream.

Sunday breakfast date! 
Dropped E off with my mom and skipped Training Hour to have a 
little date before worship service.

Friday was exciting as the Hubs' softball team played in the league championship game
and WON! They came back from a 9-2 deficit in the 6th inning to win 14-9! Here's the team after the victory! 
E was so excited, she went running onto the field and into the photo with the guys. She's the little blonde in the green. :)

Friday was also quite rough on E. While at the park with friends, she fell out of a swing...a baby swing...that was buckled! 
Honestly, it was shocking, but it happened despite my attempts at keeping her safe. 
It was bound to, right? A scraped up chin and her first really busted lip. Thankfully her teeth are still in place and in tact. 

Our week has been great, although we are still adjusting to life with 2 children and everything that comes with that. Training a toddler and lack of sleep have been difficult, but God's grace had been evident! Looking forward to a weekend with the Hubs actually being home with us! Maybe we'll get some extra sleep too if Baby G decides to bless his parents :)


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