Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekly Goals

Here I am again with my goals for this week! 

But first, here's a glance at last week's goals. 

Marriage/Family Goals

*Reread the three My First Little House books to Little E before returning them to the library. 

*Make prayer cards for the care groups we are over

*Write The Hubs a love note ;) 

Personal Goals

*Walk 4x (total of 2 hours) 

*Decide on new book to read (suggestions appreciated!) 

*Engage/encourage another mom

Homemaking Goals

*Freeze tomatoes and green beans

*Make zucchini bread/muffins

*Put Baby G's room together (hang artwork, crib together, etc)

It felt really good to have some goals and accomplish them...especially in this season of trying to adjust to life with 2 children. Many days are hectic and I feel like I get nothing done. 

We are leaving for vacation at the end of this week, so most of my goals are preparing for that.
Little E has been sick, so yesterday about the only thing I got done was a 2-hour trip to the doctor's office, a little laundry, and an evening run to Target to pick up things we'll need on the trip. Hoping to get more done over the next 3 days before we leave! 

Marriage/Family Goals

*Write The Hubs a love note

*Read one of the new Little House books from the library 

Personal Goals

*Walk 4x (total 2 hours) 

*Determine a Scripture to begin memorizing

*Go to DMV for license address change

Homemaking Goals

*Grocery shop for snacks for our trip

*Pack everyone's clothing/toiletries 

*Leave house in semi-order (rooms picked up, most laundry done, kitchen clean)

Honestly, these seem like really lofty goals for this week! I am trying not to panic with everything that still needs to be done before we leave! Getting it all done with 2 kids (one who is sick and the other who needs to be nourished by me every 3 hours) is going to be a challenge, but it will be worth it when I am enjoying the warm sunshine and sand of the beach in a few days! Keep the end goal in mind right? :) 

What are your goals for this week? 

Join me over at Money Saving Mom and link up your post about your goals! 


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