Friday, August 8, 2014


What a week! 
I'm so thankful that it is Friday. We've had such a busy, exciting, fun, exhausting week! 

The week began with Hub's elders retreat (all day meetings on Monday) and my dear friend giving birth to a sweet baby girl! From there, the week continued in joyful, exciting, and exhausting fashion. I feel like my emotions have been running high all week...births tend to do that for me. I go back to those first moments with my littles and realize how quickly time has gone, how much I miss those moments, and how thankful I am that they are growing and changing every day. Does that even make sense? How can you feel all those things at once? I don't really know which is part of why I've felt a little crazy all week. But, I love birth! Ever since having Little E I have dreamt of becoming a doula and helping women have the joyous birth they want. I don't think I'd ever get tired of watching a grand display of God's creative design in the labor and delivery process. Anyway...I think that's a whole different post. 

All of that to say, I'm ready for the weekend and *hopefully* some slow time. 

Here's a little glimpse of my week through the lens of my phone. 

This is how we spent last Friday afternoon. It was beautiful and not too hot. Perfect day to play in the backyard.
Latest update on my couch recover. 
I got the piping and box pleated skirt on! I haven't made it any further since this picture on Saturday. Its coming but very slowly.

Each person in our family has his/her own Nalgene...and we aren't even that crunchy.
We definitely don't climb rocks or go camping. 
We just like the bottles and the guarantee on them :)

Practicing ballet! 
She's so excited to start again in September.
And that bun on the side? Yep. She insisted on it.

Just chillin' on the porch.

That push pop she has in these pictures? She was SO excited about it! 
She has been wanting to try one but we haven't been able to find one the last few times at Kroger. Target came through for us (per usual) and she's been enjoying that thing for a few days now.

While my friend was in labor, her firstborn came to play with us. We had so much fun!
These girls got to be such a huge mess while painting that they ended up in the bath tub!

This is what I'm dealing with these days. 
G-man started walking (just a couple steps at a time) this week, but before that, he's been climbing on everything! I had turned to put something in the oven and turned around to find this. What?!? I'm not ready for this!

Slumber Party! 
These two were so cute! They were so excited to be with each other and E has asked almost every day this week if they can play together. I love that they love each other. 

So, that about sums it up! 
After a week full of plans (both expected and unexpected) we have nothing planned today. 
I need to do a few things and I'd love to work on my couch, but we'll see. Sewing is hard with little kids around. Not sure how some of you mommas out there do it regularly with littles. 

Hope you have a wonderful Friday! 
Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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