Friday, August 1, 2014

Insta Friday

Here's a sneak peek into our lives this week!!

Happy Insta Friday!
my little bunny, all ready to go with Papa on a little weekend excursion!
(She had her face painted at our church's neighborhood cookout)
(The Hubs preached at my Uncle's church in Louisville, KY so he took E with him...they had a blast!)

trip to Target...we found this! 
didn't buy it, just took a pic for Hubs

While Hubs and E were gone, I had a sick little guy.
Actually, I'm pretty sure it was just teething, but he was grouchy, snotty,
and fevery on Sunday. So, we skipped church and spent our day like this.

my latest project. 
fitted slipcover for the couch. 
Its coming along, but at this rate I won't be done with it until Christmas! 
Ok...exaggerating maybe...but its a slow process.

E woke up asking for pancakes on Wednesday morning...
so that's what we had! 
G ate 4 by himself! Growing boy, I guess.

We have had some nice chilly days lately. 
I think it was about 65* here and E is wearing her fleece zip-up. 
Nice change from hot and humid....but I'm not ready to give up summer quite yet.

Yesterday she came to me and said, 
"Momma! I'm wearing Samantha's robe. Take my picture and send it to Aunt B!"
She put on her American girl doll's robe...and other than being too short, it kind of fit

Not sure what today or this weekend hold for us, but we need some downtime as a family. 
Hoping to get some more work done on the slip cover and spend some fun time relaxing! 
I love weekends with my little family, and I'm sure this one will be no exception!


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  1. Well, I'm just relieved that the TMNT masks don't look like those creepy new people/turtles from the new movie!


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