Tuesday, November 4, 2014

*New* product!

Are you ready for some *new* products in the shop

They're here!! 

I've been working on getting these made and ready to sell for a few months now, but with "The Big Couch Project of 2014" they have gotten put on the back burner....until NOW! 

I'll have some new teething necklaces soon, but the newest item is

Nursing scarves! 

Totally wishing I had made some for myself when G-man was nursing all the time. They are so cute and functional! 

You wear them...like this...

Wrapped around like you would any infinity scarf. 

When baby needs to nurse and you need to cover up a little bit? 
Just un-loop it and cover yourself and your baby...like so

Each scarf is 35" wide and 60" long. 
They have served edges to prevent raveling. 
And they come in a variety of fun, trendy colors and patterns. 

Which one is your favorite? 

I'll be putting these up for sale in the shop later this week! 

Remember, for anyone who lives in or near Charleston you can use coupon code "LOCAL" at check out for free shipping and I will deliver it to you! :) 


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