Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall Fashion Friday

So, I'm a momma. I'm not what anyone would label as "fashionable" or "trendy". My wardrobe consists mainly of jeans, cotton tees, and city flats with the occasional pair of boots. Right now, in this season of life, fashion kind of takes a back seat to caring for my littles, Hubs, and our home. 

But that doesn't mean I don't know what I like. Or that I don't have a desire to dress more fashionably sometimes. 

However, when I have a big event coming up where I have to go out without children and be dressed in something a bit nicer than GAP jeans and a Target tee I can become anxious trying to put something together. 
Anybody with me? 

So, I have taken a few minutes to create a couple of looks that might be an inspiration to you when getting dressed for a night out at a holiday party or a Fall wedding or even just a fancied-up date night with your spouse. has graciously given me the male fashion pics from their Men's Fall Suit Line (check them out!) and all I had to do was pair up an outfit for you lovely ladies. I'd love to hear your feedback on my choices. 

Tweed Blazer, Jeans, plaid button down.

Fancy Denim

Fancy Denim by rachel-ervin 

I love the splash of color that the red brings and the fact that its the same color as the man's shirt. Hubs and I don't typically dress alike (because, hello we're offense if you and your hubs are matchy-matchy) but we do like to coordinate sometimes. I like the simple-ness of this outfit. Flats are my favorite--cute and functional. Stud earrings are simple and elegant and the clutch purse is a nice alternative to a diaper bag :) I'm in love with everything about this outfit.

And it is something I would actually wear in real life. Nothing too "over-the-top" because I'm a simple, classic kind of girl.

This look was inspired by something I have previously worn only its a little more "spruced up".

This next look is a little more on the "fancier" side of things. By that, I mean I'd wear it to a wedding or maybe a really nice dinner. 

Gray wool suit--love this suit! Too bad Hubs doesn't have one! 

Chic Fall attire

Chic Fall attire by rachel-ervin 

Ladies, I am coveting this outfit right now. 
I put it together, but I don't even own one of these pieces...oh how I'd love to! 
The deep red tones of this dress combined with the lace top scream chic to me. But its getting cooler out, so the light gray cardigan would keep me warm while still looking cute. The gold jewelry and black clutch pull it together and those leopard print shoes add a little pizzazz! Again, this outfit it so "me". Pretty simple, with a few little sparkly touches to give it that extra "umph".

Can you say Christmas party attire? I think so.

Have you heard of Bonobos? They have a pretty unique shopping experience from what I can tell, but there isn't one here in our little city so we haven't experienced it ourselves. Their clothes are pretty trendy too and I know Hubs would love them! Totally his style!

So what are your thoughts? What would you wear if your Hubs or boy-friend were wearing one of those two outfits from Bonobos?

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