Friday, February 13, 2015

Adding Beauty-- {week 4}

Yes...we skipped week 3 :) 

I'm finding that as I go throughout my days, I'm not always just "adding beauty" but finding it. Recognizing things in my days that are beautiful that I have overlooked or become to familiar with. So this week you'll find some beauty that has been added and some that has been found.

I have love for pens. Nice pens. Pens with colored ink--especially purple.
I used a Christmas gift card to purchase new pens and highlighters.
Then I made this little pouch to keep them in. 

I was baking a little (rare these makes baking hard)
and looked out the window to find a huge snow squall! 
It was beauty added by our Creator.

quiet time for momma during naps...
and that book--I can't express my love for it enough.
the first two chapters are so good, so convicting, so encouraging
just read it.

about 3 minutes after the above picture was taken...
the quiet didn't last long, but it was worth the snuggles.


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