Friday, January 30, 2015

Adding Beauty-- {week 2}

I'm back after a week of living life in the daily mess and looking for the beauty in it! 
Here is how I have added beauty and found beauty this week!

Remember last week's post with the jewelry organization? 
Finally figured out something for my necklaces that works...for now. 

Got my first DoTerra shipment this week! 
While physical beauty isn't the forte for oils, the aromas in my house sure are beautiful! looks like my shop is ready for spring! 
These happy colored nursing scarves are delicious.

Even my little lady is creating beauty these days. 
I love watching her learn to draw and color with such great imagination.

And my favorite. 
The master bedroom is always the last place I decorate. WHY?!? 
I love when its cozy and peaceful, but its hard to make it that way...and keep it that way. 

So, thanks Target, for helping me add a little beauty to my bedroom. 
The candle holders were on clearance and the elephant (though not on sale) was too cute to pass up! 

My house might be a disaster today, but looking through these photos and seeing the beauty in my week is a great reminder that life (or your house) doesn't have to be all put together to be beautiful. Or as The Nester says, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". 


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