Friday, June 12, 2015

Longing for Paris

You can probably tell from other posts that I have written, that I enjoy reading. At this point in my life there isn't always a whole lot of time for it, but I still enjoy it. I enjoy fiction every once in a while to escape from the reality of life for a sliver of time and get caught up in another world, adventure, or life of another person. However, I am currently loving books that challenge me or encourage me. 
What would you call the genre? Christian non-fiction? 

I'm not talking "self help" book, but books that challenge me through Scripture and the lives of other shared honestly. 

A few of my favorites (that I've read more than once) are:

The Nesting Place by Myquellin Smith

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

And most recently (as in, I finished it yesterday)

Longing for Paris  by Sarah Mae

This book was very timely for me as Hubs and I have been talking a lot about our dreams, desires, and what makes us come alive. How do those things fit into our lives right now? How can we live out our dreams and do those desires in our hearts really matter? Where did they come from? Do we just jet off to the biggest city we can think of because that's where we feel alive? What about REAL life? 

And the thing is, sometimes  most of the time, I wonder if we are the only ones who struggle with the tension of reality and our dreams. 

This book has shown me that we aren't the only least Sarah Mae also wrestled through that. So maybe its just me and her! 

Sarah Mae walks us through her journey of bringing the beauty of Paris into her own life in Pennsylvania. How she got out of a "funk" that was hindering her life. She draws so much truth from Scripture and points us to God--the creator of our dreams. 

It is beautifully written, easy to read, and extremely inspiring. 

She gives 33 Search-Your-Heart-Questions at the end of the book that have challenged me deeply. 

Sarah Mae took thoughts and feelings that I couldn't warp my mind around and put words to them. Many times I felt I was reading my own heart written out in black and white. 

I'm one of those people who finds a good thing and thinks everyone needs to have it to. That's exactly how I feel about this book. No matter your age or season of life, this book will challenge and inspire you to live out your dreams as you live the life God puts right in front of you. 

Sarah Mae is giving away 2 copies of the book on her blog today! Head over there for your chance to win!

*The book doesn't release until August, but you can preorder it NOW using the link above!*


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