Friday, July 3, 2015

two years and gracious gifts

This handsome baby-man made his grand debut 2 years ago! 

I'm going to go ahead and warn you that I might be totally cliche for a minute

How in the world did 2 years go by so quickly? 

While I know I wasn't "pregnant just yesterday",  it can feel that way at times.  Like these days just blend right into one another and time gets lost until a milestone wakes you from the stupor of the daily grind and causes you to realize that life--time--is passing all too quickly for your liking. 

And here's the thing-- I don't want to miss a single moment. But you know how it goes. In the daily mess, the mundane living we get frustrated and wish it away. But then it hits us, just how much time has gone by and how we really don't want it to go away. And then the daily mess and the mundane set in again. Its a cycle. And while at times I hate it (especially the moments I miss out of my own selfishness), I am thankful for it. The cycle of being made jerked awake to the reality of your world is a gracious gift from the Creator. He gives us eyes to see truth in His timing. Milestones, birthdays, anniversaries--they are all markers to make us stop and recognize his daily graces because he "knows our frame" and knows that we won't be seeing on this beauty in the daily living.

So on this day, I am pausing to see God's gracious gifts in the life of Gideon. 

Love that can only exist between a mother and her son...
I didn't know what that was like until he was born.

Love of a father and his son...
and the beauty of watching that unfold

A male to carry on our family name since Hubs is the only 
male left with our last name!

Bright blue eyes...

Cute little smiles...

Goofy play time...
and lots of belly laughs! 

Gideon, your laugh is awesome. Everyone comments on how contagious and real it is.
When you find something funny, you fully enjoy it! Its one of the things I love most about you.

Sweet snuggles....

even now at 2 years old you sometimes allow this Momma to snuggle you to sleep. 
I savor those times of breathing in your scent and feeling your little body curled into mine.

Cuteness overload!...

Your love for chocolate and all things sweet...

especially marshmallows. 


Curiosity and your ability to fall asleep anywhere...

These days gave us some laughs :)

Laid back personality and desire for everything to be a hat! 

Like I said, you're creative...

Check out your smiles...
You are so happy, so full, and so free! 
I love watching you enjoy life! 

I didn't know how much of a gift baseball was until you! 
You love it! And It brings me joy to watch you love it, enjoy it, and play it. 

You're growing into who you are and who God made you to be. 

Little man, my prayer is that you will become a warrior for truth and that you will live and dream fully and freely as God made you to. 
I know your life won't be perfect and your little heart will be wounded, but I pray you embrace Christ so that he can heal your wounds and make you free to live as His son--fully free through his redeeming grace.

And I am going to live these days and enjoy the grace gift of watching you grow...and we are going to enjoy these days together! 

I love you, Gideon. 




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