Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Believing & Trusting

Recently I have been going through one of Beth Moore's Bible Studies called Believing God. I must say that it is definitely challenging me right at this particular moment.
At the beginning of the sessions I was challenged to compose a list of areas in my life where I would like God to teach me to REALLY BELIEVE HIM. Last week I took a glance at that list (because I didn't remember what I had written) and to my surprise the item on the tip-top of the list was exactly what God had been and is continuing to work in me.
My struggle isn't with knowing that God will do what He promises (I KNOW that in my head) but the struggle comes with living like I KNOW it!
The past few weeks have really been a struggle for Mike and I as we try to decide what is best for our family in the days we are living now and in the near future, but God is using this trying time to cause me to have to BELIEVE and TRUST Him for things that I would typically try to handle myself.
Believing IN God and Believing God are two very different things, and though its hard sometimes, I'm Believing God, His Word, and His promises in this trying time. :)

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