Thursday, November 18, 2010

Letters of Love

"Letters of Love"
I believe that's what I am going to call this!

This project actually began because I had the idea to hang photos spelling the word "love" in our baby's room! But, I wanted to offer it to others of you out there who might be searching for a Christmas gift for a loved one, or something to decorate your own home with!
I can make just about any word of your choice, either in sepia tone or black and white. My thought is that I would simply sell you the prints and allow you to frame them or hang them however you wish. If you would like, I will frame them for you for an extra cost (as long as you give me the type of framing you would like).
Please contact me if you'd like more details/information.
Prices would be $1.50 per letter (4x6 inch photo)
$1.75 per letter (5x7 inch photo)
plus shipping (unless you are local, I can hand deliver) :)
As I mentioned previously, if you would like for me to frame it for you, that can be arranged but there will be an additional price depending on the length of the word, etc.
I would love to hear any thoughts you might have! :)


  1. Rachel that is so pretty, you're so creative!

  2. Rachel, Very nice! Great idea! ♥


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