Thursday, November 4, 2010

chilly days, candles, and coffee!

One of my very favorite things about this time of year is when Starbucks begins serving coffee in the red holiday cups! I'm not exactly sure why, but for some reason it just gives me warm fuzzies! :)
Yesterday Michael said that his store broke out the red cups for the first time, so this evening it was rainy, dreary, and cold, but we decided to warm up with a nice cup of Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend (one of our favorites).

While we were at the mall we stopped in for coffee and went into the Yankee Candle store (because I had a coupon). It just seemed to festive to be in there with all the Fall and Christmas scents wafting through the air. Needless to say, I have begun to get super excited for Christmas and it is only the beginning of November. Oh well! Going to enjoy every second of this Holiday Season!

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