Monday, May 16, 2011

...3 beautiful years...

On this day 3 years ago, I married that man of my dreams!

It is crazy to think that it has been 3 years seems like it was just yesterday!

The day began as a pretty crazy one when we realized the reception place wasn't set up the way we had specified, but thankfully our family took care of that so I could go get ready for the big day! My dad surprised me by picking me up at the hair salon in a white stretch was supposed to just take us to the church but we convinced the driver to drive us around town for a little while ;) We got all prettied up, and got our pictures taken. Then it was time for the ceremony--which only lasted 21 minutes! (I had already determined we would have a short ceremony after sitting through one that lasted an hour). The ceremony was perfect...the bridesmaids ALL cried...and our Heavenly Father was glorified through it all--an answer to months of prayer!

As I sit here with my morning coffee, reflecting on that beautiful day and the many adventures since that day, I am so thankful for what God has done over the past 3 years! Each anniversary has been so very different--the first we went out to a very fancy dinner, the second was homemade dinner in a hut in Uganda (along with a Safari), and tonight will be a dinner for 2 at Olive Garden while our newest edition stays home with Mawmaw. It is amazing how life changes in 3 short years, and the places that God brings us to! Sometimes change is hard to accept, but if we aren't changing then we most definitely aren't to that I say, "Bring on the change and whatever the next 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 years will hold!"

Michael James, I love you more than I can express in words and I am excited to continue spending the rest of my life with you!

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  1. LOVE you guys! And love seeing God moving in our family!!


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