Sunday, April 1, 2012

simple weekends...

I'm certain that you gathered that I love simple things...minimalism.

Though I have tried very hard to make my home extremely simple, I feel like in the past few weeks it has gotten out of hand. Mainly because of school and being pretty busy. I have kind of "let things go"...and that's okay for a time.

Today, however, I found some more encouragement in this area and it has inspired me to once again concentrate on getting my home back to simplicity. I was able to get up early this morning and head to our local Panera bread for a cinnamon swirl & raisin bagel and some coffee...all alone. This is super rare, but I am so thankful for a husband that sees the need for me to have some solitude every once in a while.

During my alone time, I came across some blog posts that gave me the inspiration I mentioned.

5 Tips for decluttering...NOW!
I had never seen this blog before, but you can guarantee I will be browsing through her posts because this one was great!

cleaning calm--enjoying homekeeping with children
was also a great post! Notice she used the word homekeeping as opposed to housekeeping. I like homekeeping isn't just the house I am trying to keep but I am really trying to keep my home peaceful--home includes the people and house implies the building. An all around good post...good blog for that matter!

with that...I am logging off to enjoy the rest of my alone time this morning.

may your weekend be filled with simple blessings!



  1. love Panera :) Thanks so much for sharing my post, so glad you liked it. Good luck and have a wonderful week!

  2. I love the simple things in life and tend to get quite bogged down and overwhelmed if things become to complicated. I also love my down time. It helps to simplify things.

    Good job you have a hubby that understands your need for space!

  3. just browsing blogs tonight and i came across yours. i love that you love to keep your life simple. i "feel" the same way. i wish i knew how to do that. i tried a few weeks ago to break from blogging.. because i felt it was becoming something i "HAD" to keep up on.. when i realize its not..
    i sooo want to figure out how to do this.. with 3 kids, i NEED to for my sanity.. its just really hard.. =/


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