Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Recap

Today is the last day of my summer vacation from school. 
Tomorrow begins the last semester of my college career! Woohoo! While I am excited to finish school, I am not looking forward to leaving Little E every day! We've had so much fun together this summer.
I'll give you a little peak at what our summer looked like...

heading to church w/purse and Papa

playing with Aunt B at the beach--so fun!

my 5 minutes of quiet while at the beach--
going to the beach isn't what it used to be!

wearing grandpa's cool hat
Go Herd!

Swimming with grandpa 

Corn on the cob with Papa!

barefoot summer

Playing with cousin D 

Don't you just love her pink trike?
She does--check out that face!

Bubbles with Mama.

The Hubs preached at this cute little church a couple of times.

More cousin the pool.

Look out Missy Franklin little E looks like a pro swimmer
in her speedo goggles :)

Shaving cream finger paint

We've had a blast this summer. Savoring the small moments, but it still seems like it has flown by! Today we're running last minute errands and prepping for tomorrow! Praying separation anxiety won't set in for Little E, but she is going to go play with her friend tomorrow while I am gone, so hopefully she will enjoy it! Honestly, I will probably have a harder time than she does!

Happy End of Summer to you!

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