Friday, July 25, 2014


Wow! What a week! 
As I was journaling this morning, I realized what a full, fun, and exhausting week it has been! I didn't capture every moment with a photo, but here are a few glimpses. I'm really ready for Hubs to have a day off next week...I could use some time alone, and we could use some time as a family.

A trip to Michael's for a paint brush also included these letters. 
They were 70% off and I had been wanting them. 
Thanks to some acrylic paint that I had on hand (and mixed up), an IKEA paint brush, and a frugal find I was able to put up some decor in the kitchen...a room lacking in that area.
I really do love them!!

My main reason for going to Michael's. I need a thin line paint brush for this. 
Hubs and his buddy cut the boards and nailed them together. I stained it and traced and painted the words. 
I am soo in love with this sign. Its on the mantle in our bedroom and makes me smile every time I see it.

Breakfast for dinner--GF pancakes.
E asked for a smiley face :)

They did it again! Second year in a row these guys won the softball championship!
We celebrated at IHOP...on a Monday 11:00...with children.
Yes, we're nuts. But you only win a championship game every once in a while, right?!?

Teaching E the basics of softball...she loved running on the field.

E has been a big helper this week. She helped unload all the groceries while I made lunch on Tuesday. She'd ask where things went and I would tell her. When I said "pantry" this is where it went...all in the bottom. I had to go back and rearrange later, but it was precious watching her so excited about helping!

I love fresh flowers. 
These were $1 and they made my living room all the more cheery!

I'm currently hosting a Jamberry nails party on FaceBook. These are my samples.
I love them. They are fun, cute, trendy, and they last forever!! My last set lasted 2+weeks and for a momma who is constantly changing diapers, washing dishes, etc. that's amazing! 

Silly girl.
Take a sweet pepper, bite a whole in the bottom, place on thumb, dance around. 

G-man had a rough time going down for nap yesterday. This is after an hour of crying and 30 minutes of snuggling with Momma. He finally crashed and I enjoyed every second of snuggling him. It isn't often he does this anymore so I soaked it up.

Even E enjoyed snuggling with him when she woke up from her nap.

Hubs and I capped off a busy week with a little impromptu date night at a local crepe place. They make GF crepes that were amazing! And its owned by a Christian family...they have Scripture displayed everywhere (even on their water bottles and coffee cups) and a prayer request board. Since we moved here a year ago we haven't found our "spot" (we had a "spot" in our other town where we'd go for mini-coffee-dates when we had a sitter for 30-45 minutes on the fly)...I think we've found our new "spot"!  


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