Friday, January 23, 2015

Adding Beauty-- {week 1}

It has been a while since I shared my weekly InstaGram pics with you all. I'm back at it here today, only this time, with a little addition, if you will. 

I'm joining Gina with her AddingBeauty 2015 project. 
YOU can join too! Simply post your photos of simple beauty in your life and use hashtag #addingbeauty2015. 

Without further ado--

"Doc" fixed up Lucy Eliyah (that's the bear's name)

I'm currently loving his little chambray shirt!

Last Friday night we went out for pizza because both the kids and I had been sick earlier in the week...
little did we know that Hubs would get sick that night. 

We recovered with help from some oils! 
Also--(while I haven't received my official email yet) I am a new Wellness Advocate for DoTerra!
More on that later, I'm sure :)

New coffee sleeves for the shop--coming SOON!

All of E's "kids" were in a ballet recital...and they each had their own unique costume.

This is how he really feels about Tinker Bell...

I threw away an old mascara....he found it. 
Enough said.

This little Marshall University football jersey is just precious. 
My dad gave it to him for Christmas and it even has his name on the back!

This is E's "factory"
This girl's imagination astounds me sometimes.

Lunch time surprise from my Hubs--FLOWERS from a local shop near his office. 

I spent the better portion of yesterday organizing things...probably because 
I picked up an organizational cart at Sam's Club that is strikingly similar the ones from IKEA
like this

AND I purchased a label maker.
I'm in my happy place right now. 

I'm pretty sure this is my first post in 2015! 

I hope in this year to be able to fully savor life with my Hubs and Kiddies. 
I'm realizing more and more that these years go so quickly and I don't want to miss the everyday-special moments with my family. That's part of why I am participating with Gina in Adding Beauty 2015. Interested in joining in with us? Check out the original Adding Beauty post and have a great weekend!


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