Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Amazing Race Birthday Party

For Hubs' last few birthdays we have had "interactive" parties--ballroom dance lessons for our friends at our house was one!

This year, I decided on an Amazing Race scavenger hunt. Talk. About. FUN.

The prize-- 600 Grand and a little traveling gnome trophy :)

Everyone was sent instructions ahead of time for what color they should wear. But they didn't find out their team mates until they arrived at the party. 

Purple Team

Green team!

Blue Team!

Red Team!

There were places around town that each team was to visit and tasks they had to complete. While each team had to visit the same places, they were arranged in a different order and you were not allowed to open the next envelope until the task you were on was completed. 

It was really fun and people were pretty cooperative in helping us complete our tasks.

Umm...so the green team won. 
The creator of the game. 
Totally not rigged, I promise!

We celebrated with cupcakes afterwards! 


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