Saturday, January 15, 2011

eight weeks

8 weeks!

That is all the time there is until Baby Ervin's due date (which we are hoping he/she doesn't decide to stay in there any longer than that)!

When I think about it, I feel a little (ok so A LOT) unprepared!

Tomorrow we are doing a private in-home birth class which we are super excited about! There will probably be a post this coming week to follow up on the class! We are so thankful for great friends who are blessing us with this class as a gift for us and Baby Ervin!

Today, I kind of got into one of those crafty moods and began a little project! I think I have mentioned on here that I am really wanting to do cloth diapering. I know, it may sound crazy to some of you, but that is what Mike and I feel would be best for our little one and our family as a whole. The initial cost of cloth is not cheap though. Many people also like to do cloth wipes, since they are a bit more economical and eco-friendly. I didn't want to purchase cloth wipes, so I found a website that gave a super simple pattern for making your own! I got on it today and I am so excited about them!

Let me tell you, I think they will definitely be cost effective! I got the fabric (flannel is recommended) as a remnant and only paid $1.87 for enough fabric to make 15 wipes! The lady who posted the pattern said that typically about 24 is a good number to have, but 15 is a good start for me! Planning to make the "wipe solution" that she posted as well which wets the wipes and makes cleaning baby's bum a breeze!

I'll definitely try to keep you updated on how all this cloth diapering works for me. I've heard tons of different opinions on the topic, and from what I know (which is very little at this point) it seems that cloth is definitely for some people and definitely NOT for others! We'll see how it goes for us!

I also bought the fabric to make the window treatment for Baby E's room! I didn't get around to actually making it today, but hopefully this week I will have the time!

I'm planning to post pictures of all of these things later, so check back in a few days when I've had time to finish my sewing, photograph it, and post the photos!

8 weeks...and counting


  1. Rachel, I loved using cloth diapers, it was very simple and that is what most people did when your mom and Jon were babies. You will do great with it. ♥ Gran

  2. As I'm sure you have learned, cloth diapers of today are NOTHING like cloth diapers of previous generations! I can connect you with local cloth diaper mommas who can show you all your options, if you are interested. Every mom I know who has cloth diapered LOVES cloth. They become cloth evangelists of sorts, not just doing it because it's economical but because it's fun, soft, and feels great.


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