Friday, January 28, 2011

friday night

Today is Friday!
Although, I am not sure why that excites me so much. I don't work throughout the week and this semester I only have class on Mondays, but still the thought of the weekend is thrilling (even if Mike does have to work all weekend).
Speaking of work...that's why I'm writing tonight. Mike was asked to come into Starbucks on his day off to cover a shift for a very special someone--my sister :) I'm so proud of him because rather than being upset about working on his day off, he was SO willing to do it and help his little sis out! Thats one of the many reasons I love him--he is selfless so much of the time!

Now with Mike at work I am faced with a Friday evening to myself.

I actually came to work with him (because the internet at our apartment isn't working currently) and have been sipping a hazelnut latte and doing some homework. It really is a shame that the only Starbucks around us is in the mall. It would be much more peaceful and relaxing if it wasn't, but we are in West Virginia, so I should be appreciative of what we DO have right? RIGHT!

So now that my homework is finished and what's left of my latte is cold, I think I am going to move onto reading--for pleasure! That is something that RARELY happens for this girl! With all the studying/reading I do for school, I don't usually feel like reading. Tonight is a different story though! I have 2 very different books in my bag, and now comes the hard part--choosing which one to read!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday night and a blessed weekend!

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